Do you know how do Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work?

How do Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work

Vacuum cleaners have come a very long way ever since the time when they were first invented. Back then, they had to use the big vacuum cleaners with handles and a big bag to store in the dirt. After several advancements of technology, vacuum cleaners became smaller and did not have those big bags at the back to store the dirt anymore. This made the vacuum cleaner easier to use.

Nowadays, we have a new kind of vacuum that has become popular among a lot of homeowners. How do Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners work? Enter the Roomba Robot vacuum which is a computerized vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans every part of your house. You can program it to move around and start cleaning just like a robot does.

Roomba Robot Vacuum Mechanics

The Roomba Robot Vacuum is a robot vacuum cleaner made from iRobot Corporation. The vacuum cleaner runs on a Roomba battery pack which acts as the power tool battery so that it can move. The Roomba battery pack allows it to move around your home automatically and scoops up the dirt with the vacuum feature and the spinning brushes. There are two wheels attached to the vacuum machine and are run by motors just like a car.

Roomba Robot Vacuum Mechanics

About the Roomba Battery Pack

Just like most industrial robots, this vacuum is run by a power tool battery called the Roomba battery pack. The Roomba battery pack is made out of NiMH and is rechargeable. What makes this Roomba battery really amazing is that it is programmed to use as little power as possible in order to save battery and also prevent fast deterioration. The downside is that the machine may take a long time cleaning up, but it is definitely worth it to keep the machine working for a long time. Another cool thing about the Roomba battery is that it is durable and can last very long. This way, you won’t need to replace the batteries very often.

Roomba Battery Pack

Roomba Dirt Sensors

You might be thinking how the robot will automatically clean the dirty places of your house just by configuration. The Roomba Robot Vacuum actually has a dirt sensor that will be able to detect the dirty places in your house. Roomba also follows a pattern for cleaning and decides which cleaning equipment will work best for which part.

Roomba Dirt Sensors

The Vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Unlike most older vacuum robot models that just clean around the area randomly, the newer versions of Roomba make use of a feature known as the VSLAM or the Vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. With this feature, the robot takes a picture of your room in order to know where they have to go or whether they have been there already. This way, the robots will not waste time in going back to places they are already been in.

Roomba WiFi Connectivity

WiFi Connectivity

Lastly, the machine also has WiFi connectivity which means that you can actually access it using your smartphone or computer. If you happen to be out of town and would want your house to still be clean, you can program your Roomba vacuum by downloading an app and controlling it using your smartphone. That way, you can still keep your house spotless even when you are miles away from home.

These are some of the interesting features and how do robotic vacuum cleaners work that you might want to know if you are interested in buying a Roomba Robot Vacuum. By far, this is one of the most efficient vacuum robots in the market due to all its wonderful and unique features. It is definitely worth the price to buy one to keep your house clean.

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