How to Avoid Problems with your Roomba Battery

As promising as advancements are, technology is far from perfect. If the goal was to have a machine that can maintain cleanliness without exerting any effort, we still have a long way to go. Roomba robots require minimal maintenance with regards to cleaning and proper care. Yet advoid Roomba battery problems and proper care is still important to fully utilize the robot life expectancy as well as its battery life.

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Roomba Battery Problems

Before reading it, you should know How Do Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work?

To fully utilize your Roomba battery, here are some things you should avoid:

As with most batteries, being exposed to heat increases strain. The strain affects the capacity of the battery. It may also damage the device. To avoid this, unplug the robotic cleaner if it is being charged. Allow the Roomba robot to cool down completely before plugging it in again. It is also best to keep it in a cool and dry space when storing it.Ignoring the Memory Effect. The memory effect is when the battery recognizes how much energy was left when it was charged. Succeeding battery drains may vary depending on the energy level recalled by the battery from its last charge. This is why it is important to have a charging schedule. This does not only mean a scheduled charging system since the Roomba robot has a self-charging feature, but it particularly refers to a regular full drain and recharge cycle of the robot battery. The Roomba battery needs this complete discharge to reset the memory effect of the battery. Conducting a periodic reset of the memory effect can help retain the battery initial capacity.Careless storing. When storing your Roomba robot, it is important to remove the power tool battery from the robot. Roomba batteries are nickel-based batteries. This means that they have a high self-discharge tendency when not in use, so it important to store this separately. When you are ready to use your Roomba robot again, always fully charge the battery before use. If you are already experiencing the loss of capacity, reset the charging cycle of the Roomba until it runs like how it did before.Infrequent maintenance. Always make sure that your Roomba is free of debris and clogging. Unclean robots may exhaust the battery too much and will eventually damage it.Infrequent use. Unlike other batteries, the Roomba battery requires frequent usage regardless if its battery was fully drained or charged. This is a way for it to retain its optimal performance.

Investing on a Roomba robot vacuum is a life-saver. Often we find ourselves to be too busy and having little time to ourselves; what more when we have living spaces to attend to? Stocked with self-functioning features and a power tool battery, the Roomba robot saves you from the effort and time required in cleaning your house.

Maintaining the Roomba battery can be a lot of work, but it saves you a great amount of money in the process. Avoiding these roomba battery problemis all part of the proper Roomba battery care, and following them should help prolong your battery life. Be advised that maintaining these robots will only help you extend the robot lifespan and battery. Like most appliances, the Roomba robot will still reach the end of its lifespan eventually. Hence, consider the upkeep of the tools you are interested in buying, so you can gauge if you can fully optimize the product.

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