What to Look for When Buying the Best Ryobi Battery?

Buying the Best Ryobi Battery

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese company engaged in the manufacture of automobile components, electronics, and telecommunications industries. One of the brands under it is Ryobi Tools which is engaged in the manufacture and production of power tools, power tool components, power tool batteries, power tool battery replacements, and other similar products.

A Ryobi battery is one of the leading power tool batteries in the market. Although Ryobi Tools sells both DC and AC power tools, they both rely on a common battery pack system called the Ryobi 18 Volt ONE+ battery system. Ryobi ONE+ batteries come in a wide array of Amp-hour configurations and battery types, including lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. Below are the important things that you need to look for to make sure you are buying a genuine and the best Ryobi battery.

Place of Purchase the Best Ryobi Battery

A Ryobi battery is exclusively sold and distributed by Home Depot in the United States and Canada while in Australia and New Zealand, they are available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse. In addition, they are available online from some retailers in the United States who have a tie-up with Home Depot.

However, some unauthorized retailers sell Ryobi batteries that are refurbished, old stock, or with a significant price mark-up. Thus, it is always best to purchase your Ryobi battery from authorized retailers only.

Some customers have reported seeing Ryobi ONE+ power tool battery packs available online from China, but they were confirmed to be refurbished units from warranty returns. Although they work, they are in bad, used condition. Not only will you end up buying a used item, but it could also be unsafe to use those battery packs as well.

Buying the Best Ryobi Battery

Ryobi Battery Price

A Ryobi battery has a suggested retail price that is set by Home Depot or Bunnings Warehouse. A price lower than the suggested retail price would immediately indicate that the item may not be genuine or that it could be a refurbished item. In either case, you would not be covered by the Ryobi warranty.

Similarly, if the price paid is higher than the suggested retail price, you would be paying more than it is worth. Some online customers reported seeing a buy 1 take 1 sale online but at a price slightly higher than the suggested retail price of 1 battery but still ended up purchasing the item because they believed they were still getting a good deal. However, when they received their item, they noticed that the original packaging also had the words buy 1 take 1 and at the suggested retail price. Other customers reported that the buy 1 take 1 sale was from Home Depot and that the online customers had paid a higher price.

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Ryobi Battery Warranty

All Ryobi products are covered by a two-year manufacturer warranty if it is purchased from an authorized retailer. If the battery were purchased online or used, you would no longer be covered under the two-year manufacturer warranty.

Ryobi Battery Packaging

Your Ryobi battery should come well-packed and sealed in a plastic container. Make sure that the container has not been tampered with and that the packaging is intact. Some customers who have tried purchasing a battery online have claimed that the packaging was already opened and that the product worked, but it was already used.

The Ryobi ONE+ battery system is really one of the leading power tool batteries in the market. It can be used with all of the Ryobi ONE+ power tools, as well as other leading power tools in the market. Be sure to purchase your best Ryobi battery from an authorized retailer at the suggested retail price so that you will get the full warranty and your money worth.

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