Is Porter Cable Cordless Battery Any Good? The Truth Revealed

When it comes to heavy duty hardware tools, Porter Cable is known to be a very well-known and reliable brand. Of course, each Porter Cable tool will need a Porter Cable battery in order to work. One question is Porter Cable cordless battery any good? In this article, we will tell you the truth.

Porter Cable Drill BatteryNowadays, power tools are manufactured to suit the needs of every household. They are noticeably more portable and easier to maintain. Take the hand drill as an example. Conventional hand drills use the energy from wall-mounted or any other stationary power sources.

To be able to connect to a power source, traditional hand drills are equipped with medium-length power cords that deteriorate over time. The deterioration of these cords creates countless hazards. Fortunately, through the introduction of industrial-strength Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, cordless hand drills have now been made available in the market.

Cordless Power Tool Battery

The main concern that haunts owners of cordless power tools must be the battery. The battery is the central unit of every cordless power tool. Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are the prime choice in powering cordless motorized tools since they are lightweight but heavy duty and certainly one of the most durable types of rechargeable batteries.

Porter Cable Cordless Battery and drill

Porter Cable Cordless Battery – a Fair Choice

Porter Cable has been one of the highly-reputable power tool manufacturers that pioneered the innovation of cordless power tools. The most widely-used Porter Cable Cordless Battery is known to adhere to the company’s recently developed 20-Volt Max system; using 20V as the maximum initial battery voltage with a nominal voltage of 18V. They also manufacture power tools running on 18 volts, 12 volts, and 8 volts. With numerous variations in the use of lithium-ion batteries, their innovation completely levels the field. Other cordless power tools feature the use of 30V power battery which claims to be more efficient.

A 20V Porter-Cable battery does not fail to impress when compared to other power tool batteries. The main disadvantage of tools powered by batteries with higher voltage is its charging time. Power tools are intended to be time savers, but a cordless power tool that runs on batteries that take so much time to recharge completely defeats that purpose.

A Porter Cable Cordless Battery is certainly one that meets expectations. In average, it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge a 20V Porter Cable Cordless Battery. Its swift-charge technology lives up to its name making the Porter Cable Cordless Battery one of the fastest charging batteries used in a cordless power tool.

The Porter Cable Cordless Battery at Work

The 20V Porter Cable Cordless Battery is the highest voltage battery that the manufacturer has come up with, which lasts for about 2 hours of continuous use. The 20V power tool batteries by Porter Cable might not be the most heavy-duty batteries that can be found but the company came up with a brilliant method to make up for that.

A lot of their cordless power tool units are built with two (2) 20V batteries which do not work simultaneously. When a 20V Porter Cable power tool is at work, only one of the batteries supplies the power. Once the first battery runs low, the other one comes to work. While the second battery is working, the user may charge the first battery for when it will be needed again.

The Verdict Of Porter Cable Cordless Battery

There are many other power tool battery manufacturers that promise better efficiency and performance, but, a Porter Cable Cordless Battery is surely a good buy. Overall, a Porter Cable Cordless Battery might not be the cheapest power battery there is, but its performance stands out and measures up to its price.

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