Dewalt Lithium ion Battery: Why They are the Best?

Dewalt Lithium ion Battery

Lithium-ion battery, or most well known as Li-ion battery, is the best power tool battery produce in the market. Because of its features, many power tools users love it. Dewalt is one of the companies that produces Lithium ion batteries and one of the most trusted. In fact, Dewalt Lithium ion Batteries are highly recommended for home and commercial use. So, what’s the reason why Lithium Ion battery is the best? What advantages do they have that we can’t find on other batteries? Let’s find out and explore more about Li-Ion batteries.

Reason Why We Love Lithium ion Battery

Lithium-Ion battery is a rechargeable type of battery wherein lithium ion flows from the negative electrode going to the positive electrode during discharge and in reverse when charging. Dewalt battery is one of the bests when it comes to lithium-ion. It is highly patronized by buyers who owns power tools because of its quality features. Below are more reasons to convince you why Li-ion battery is the best.

It has a high-energy densityLithium batteries like Dewalt batteries store an amount of its energy which is twice of a nickel-cadmium. Its load characteristics are good during discharge.Self-dischargeDewalt batteries with Li-Ion has a low rate of self-discharge. It is less than half of nickel-based batteries.No initial charging neededUnlike other rechargeable batteries that you’ve purchased, Dewalt batteries with Li-Ion need not be charged initially for designated hours. You have just to plug it in and charge it until the LED indicator of you charger indicates that it is fully loaded.Low MaintenanceDewalt batteries with Li-Ion don’t require high maintenance because it has no memory and, no scheduled cycling needed to prolong batteries life.Provides high currentA Li-Ion battery such as Dewalt batteries can provide high current to applications like the power tools.It has a longer lifeUnlike other types of batteries, Li-Ion batteries has the ability to last long. It can last up to 50% than the nickel-cadmium.

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Dewalt lithium ion battery problems

Now that we know the advantages of Li-Ion batteries, it is only fair also to talk about the downsides. After all, there is always two sides of the coin, right?

Some Li-ion batteries (e.g. Dewalt batteries) lose the capacity of its energy permanently, and there is no way to avoid it.
The durability of this type of battery is a critical issue, so always keep in your mind the saying, “Handle it with care.”
Like any other technological products recently, the more advance and the more features a product has, the more expensive they become. Since Li-ion battery offers a lot more than the old ones, it is expected and understandable that they cost higher. Dewalt Li-Ion battery, for instance, cost about $65.85 to $100 plus depending on the product you’re getting.

Dewalt Lithium ion Battery

Choosing the right rechargeable battery for your power tools needs a certain amount of understanding and patience. It is the life support they needed for them to operate and complete the task that you want them to do. However, please do remember to never abuse its capacity. That might be the reason for it to be damaged and cause unwanted accidents. Always do proper maintenance and follow the proper guidelines for using.

Whatever type of rechargeable battery you are using, be it Li-ion or NiCad, always keep in mind the damage it can cost to our environment if you do not take the necessary precautions needed. Leakage of a battery poses harm to the environment. Hence, it is better to only purchase reliable and genuine power tool battery. Dewalt Lithium ion Battery, for instance, ensure consumers that their batteries are made of high-quality and produce with utmost precision and safety.

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