How to Fix your Dewalt Battery Charger (Repair)

How To Fix Your Dewalt Battery Charger

Not everything will last forever or for a long time. This also applies to gadgets, tools, and appliances. They break and need fixing as well. Fortunately, every device can be fixed in different ways. Some require a simple troubleshooting while others require the help from professionals. Other people might have tried to fix them in their own ways probably to save time, effort, and money.

If you plan to save money and try to fix your own Dewalt battery charger, you can browse a few methods on the internet. Some procedures are offered in a step-by-step format which can be easily understood and performed by viewers.

Knowing more about battery chargers

Battery chargers are being used to supply energy to a secondary device such as batteries by pumping electric current to it. There are different types of battery chargers. There are simple chargers that work by producing a constant or pulsed DC power. There are also inductive chargers that use electromagnetic induction. The intelligent chargers are the type of battery that responses to the condition of the battery. These different types of batteries continually improve and evolve as time goes by. Yet, they have limitations too. Without proper use and care, they will surely end up in your trash can.

How To Fix Your Dewalt Battery Charger

What are Dewalt chargers?

A Dewalt charger is a lithium-ion battery charger. This can charge a device in 1 hour or less. Still, a Dewalt charger is no exception to being broken and needing a fix. This device charges power tool batteries more effectively as compared to other chargers. In cases that your power tool is suddenly not working, you might think that the power battery might not be working well already, but you could be wrong. It might be your Dewalt charger that is not working anymore.

Hence, here are some of the ways to fix your Dewalt Charger. If the issue persists, then it is time to consult a professional.
Change or try another power cord: Sometimes, the problem is with the power cord. It might be a loose or damaged wiring inside it. You might want to try to troubleshoot with another power cord to check if the problem really is with your own power cord.Check the fuse: A Dewalt charger doesn’t have spare parts. If it’s damaged, you might need to buy a new one. Managing one of its important parts is dangerous, and modifying your Dewalt chargermay compromise the warranty. There are Dewalt chargers that have a fuse, and it is often the issue. You might want to check it and see if it is still working. And if it is not, you need to change it immediately. Once the fuse is replaced, try charging the battery. You can check if it is working when the charging green light is on.

Check if the charger is supplying voltage: You can use a voltmeter and check the voltage from the charger by attaching it to the battery’s connection point.

Check the transistor: Check if the transistor has a shortage. When the transistor has been tampered, it may also affect the fuse. So, replacing both transistor and a fuse will resolve the issue.

The most common Dewalt charger problems that you might be experiencing right now: Click Here

These are just some of the basic ways to fix your Dewalt battery charger. Knowing the basics can usually resolve common charger problems. This way, you don’t have to spend too much money, yet it can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Generally, a Dewalt charger is a complicated device since it is a sealed unit. But with the right knowledge and tools, you will perform like a professional in fixing it.

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