Best Robotic Lawn Mowers: Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno

Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno

Mowing your lawn, golf course slopes, and sports ground are highly essential. However, picking the best Mower is relatively tricky. Before making a choice, there are certain things you need to look into and analyze. For instance, you will need to weigh the noise output, the mowing time per charge, and the mowing behavior of Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno. If you don’t understand how to make a perfect choice, this article is for you. Also, this write-up will comprehensively review two of the top Mowers in the industry. Let’s get right into the crucial details you should understand.

Comparing Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno

When picking a mower, ensure you bring certain factors into consideration. One of the most essential things to keep in mind is the slope management of whichever Mower you pick. In this write up, we’d see what Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno brings to the table.

Some Features of the Worx Landroid

Wrox Landroid is fully automatedInterestingly, the Wrox Landroid is fully automated and cuts lawns up to a quarter-acre by itself. Besides, it has additional features like WIFI-enabled and app settings. Hence, you’d be able to check the mowing progress and work on your mowing schedule.

Asides from its primary features, there are other extra perks of using this machine. In case of theft, there’s a system in place that helps you find the device. Thanks to the in-built GPS, you don’t have to worry about losing the machine to anyone.

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Some Features of the Gardena Sileno

For the Gardena Sileno, you can be sure to have a well-cleared lawn thanks to the precision blades. With the EasyPassage function, users can easily handle the narrow corridors and other sides of the yard without leaving any traces of tracks.

Features of the Gardena Sileno

Moreover, there are other extra features of Gardena that are very impressive. Users don’t have to worry about the safety of the machine. It possesses a high collision sensor, and the laid boundary wire ensures that the Robotic Lawnmower is not troubled by obstacles.

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With a little idea of the different features of Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno, we can move by using set standards to compare the two products. We will analyze them based on their mowing behavior and slope management, noise levels, and mowing time per charge.

Mowing Behavior and Slope Management

Regarding mowing behavior, the two machines are not entirely different. However, there are some similarities that the two of them share. Both of them use a knife disc with three knives to mow the lawn. With this, you can get a well-cut grass. In terms of driving style, they both operate based on random principles. In order words, the machines don’t drive down the lawn in lanes but in its appropriate way.

Comparing Mowing Behavior and Slope Management

Primarily, the differences between the two machines’ behavior are in the size of the lawn. Both of the devices work differently due to the height and edge of the yard. It’s easy for the Gardena Sileno City to manage slopes in lawns up to 500 square meters and an elevation above 20mm, but up to 50mm. However, the Gardena is unable to hold a straight line on the sloping terrain. Meanwhile, the Worx Landroid is best for relatively small lawns and a sloping landscape.

Noise Levels

Gardena Noise LevelsEvery machine has a certain level of noise attached to them. However, the noise levels of mowers differ. Interestingly, smart robotic lawn mowers like the Gardena and the Worx both have low noise levels. Both of the devices have a sound emission below 70dB.

In other words, the sound level is around that of a television or a mobile phone conversation. Hence, their sounds are relatively quiet and peaceful. Comparing the two mowers, you will discover that the Gardena Sileno City has 58 – 60dB, while the Worx Landroid has noise levels between 57 – 68dB. Overall, they both seem pretty significant in terms of quietness.

Mowing Time Per Charge Cycle

Since the Worx Landroid and Gardena Sileno are both automated, they have a specific time they last per charge. First, you should know that both machines have their charging stations. Besides, they both return there at the appropriate moment. Moreover, the Gardena and Worx don’t begin work, except if they are well charged up. Before delving into the charge times, you should know the type of battery that they utilize. Both the Gardena and the Worx mowers use a Li-ion battery. These batteries are highly rechargeable and stable.

Gardena Technical data

For Gardena Sileno City, it takes around 60 minutes for a successful charge. On the other hand, the Worx takes about 90 minutes to charge. With one battery charge, you can be sure to have the Gardena mow your lawn for an hour. However, the Worx takes a lower amount of time to mow a lawn. For the Worx Landroid, the machine takes only 40 minutes for the same amount of charge.

Asides from the mowing time per charge, noise level, and mowing behavior, there are other things to consider. One of the main things to consider is the security of the mowers. How safe are the blades? Meanwhile, please note that they both have sharp edges. However, the producers took the appropriate precaution to avoid injuries. Both the Gardena and the Worx have a stop function. Hence, the user doesn’t have a reason to worry about safety. Concerning theft protection, there is a working system in place for the two machines. Gardena Sileno City has PIN protection that only admits authorized persons. Once they are stolen, it is rendered useless, thanks to the protection device installed.

Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno

My Advice

Now that you have a firm idea of the Worx Landroid vs Gardena Sileno, there’s more to discover. Generally, the best choice for a fairway or sports ground like the football field is the Rotary Lawnmower and the Hop Lawn Mower. However, if you’re sticking to common green space or landscape, you should consider the rotary blade mower. Some users may ask about why the levitation mowers are essential. Interestingly, they are useful for golf course slopes. Please note that lawns with lots of obstacles can go for the Blackjack mower.

Regarding the horsepowers, you also need to understand that to a certain extent as well. Hand mowers of 5hp to 6.5hp or 8.5hp to 12.5hp are appropriate for a medium-sized lawn. Besides, you need to ensure that large yards are equipped with 20hp – 25hp garden tractors with high-powered engines. However, you may ask why it has to possess that power. With less power, the equipment can be damaged, and service life may drop.

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