Black & Decker Cordless Drill LDX120C Review

Black & Decker Cordless Drill LDX120C Review

Black & Decker Cordless Drill LDX120CIn this article I shall try to examine a very fine tool I have come across; it is Black & Decker drill LDX120C.Once anyone steps into a ware house he/she finds several alternatives with different specifications and capacities; that is why this article is followed by a table that compares some of these alternatives. These other drills slightly differ from the one on hand, yet this drill suits a big sector of those undertaking the DIY tasks, mainly women.

The Black & Decker drill LDX120C is a piece of art when it comes to its design and dimensions. You doubtfully will look like a handy man once you start working with it. In fact, one of its strengths is how easy it is to use this powerful drill. Nothing is complex about how to assemble it, to charge the battery or to change drill bits.

The drill is the one you should purchase; I fully believe that. Black & Decker drill LDX120C’s features are similar to those of other brand names that still cost you 100 dollars or more. One thing you guarantee when you buy a Black & Decker item; it is a durable, rugged piece for heavy duty jobs.

With a two-year warranty you get more than what you pay for, but you have to remember it is not designed for working on thick metal sheets or thick concrete. Now are you ready to check the feature?

Black & Decker Drill Battery

Buying this cordless drill will never be a sad memory. It gives you the torque you look for simply because the battery installed is decent and lasts longer than other models. Being cordless does not mean you have to carry a too heavy drill; this drill is super light. The Lithium Ion battery is light, compact and provides longer life, but what is more important it has no memory loss, you can charge it and leave the town for a week or a month still when you come back you find it charged.

Black & Decker Drill Battery

This is way I would recommend this drill for the ladies who enjoy DIY jobs; ladies will never suffer carrying this light tool not will this have to worry about charging it all the time.

Black & Decker Drill Power

The drill provides enough torque to drive the drill bits, of different sizes, deep into various surfaces: wood, plastic, and metal plastic or you can simply use it as a screw driver. This torque does not at any point consume the battery before giving you all the time you need to finish the job.

If you are a professional or an amateur, using a drill, both need a powerful drill that does not require a body builder’s muscles to use. This is again why Black & Decker drill LDX120C recommendable for women.

It works for you not the opposite. Once you use it, you will become one of Black & Decker fans all over. One more advantage for Black & Decker, the batteries one some Black & Decker tools are interchangeable.

About Black & Decker Drill Speed, Variable speed, through installed sensitive control features, is another helpful feature this Black and Decker drill provides you with. Pressing the trigger long enough generates more power and speed.

Black & Decker Drill Handling

Designer and technicians who worked on that dill had nothing on their mind but how to please their customers and serve them with the best drill for the job. This is clear when using this easy-to-handle drill. As soon as you remove your finger(s) from the trigger it stops spinning which makes it safe, especially while working with kids around or nearby; by the way this feature is not provided by most low-end drills. The drill has a 3/8in adjustable clutch with makes it a very easy-to-use screw driver. These are two additional features that make it fit for women having problems with other unsafe drills or chucks that require keys for adjusting.

Black & Decker Cordless Drill LDX120C Review

Black & Decker Drill Clutch

You have 11 clutch positions for bit of different sizes which gives you accurate, firm control while drilling. The chuck firmly holds the inserted bit is a very strong clutch ring no matter how tightly or loosely you hold the clutch or the bit. This makes it super safe to use as it never spins till the clutch firmly holds the bit.

Black & Decker Drill Shape and Weight

As I have mention before this drill is suitable for a woman. It has a compact design with a well-proportioned grip fit for a woman; this is a great effort by designers. The grip can be firmly held even with small hands. But his is not all of it; when working with a drill for quite some time you are trying not feel fatigue so you look for light weight drill and this something provided by that drill, particularly if you have to a ladder or if you suffer from arthritis or something else. A woman will without the least doubt find it easy to use.

Black & Decker compact lightweight design

Why Black & Decker Lightweight Drill Suitable for Women?

Black & Decker drill LDX120C has a lithium battery the designed for long runtime compatible with other Black and Decker tools. The battery does not give you headache about charging it every now and then since it has no memory loss.

The drill has powerful torque that makes it easy to drill deep into several surfaces: plastic, metal plastic and wood; the drill can become a fast screw driver as well. It is safer than other drill as it stops spinning once you release the rigger.

It is easy to carry and move around holding it, and its design provides you with a firm grip. The strong keyless clutch, easier to use than regular ones hold the bit precisely so you do not have to worry about how firm you should hold the bit or how tightly handle the clutch. It has variable speeds for more convenience.

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All in all, Black & Decker drill LDX120C is a good value for your money. You will feel more than satisfied when buying such a tool. “Why?” you may ask. Ok, the answer is simply because for $41.44 you get a tool with excellent feature you will pay $100 to get with other brand names. A 2-year warranty puts you on the safe side and guarantees you your money. Satisfying our customer is our aim.

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