The Best Ryobi Table Saw Review [RTS23 & RTS08 & RTS12]

Ryobi Table Saw Review

Table saw are heavy-duty tools that consist of a circular blade on the surface and runs by a high-power electric motor. They are widely used in crafting wood-based material and cutting the woods the way you want to.

Ryobi Table Saw
Ryobi Table Saw

Ryobi Table Saw is a good quality product in the market and they provide absolutely great effective performance.

This article is about Ryobi table saw review. This article will discuss and give reviews of Ryobi RTS23, Ryobi 13 Amp Table Saw RTS08, and Ryobi 15 Amp Table Saw RTS12 along with their specifications, capacities, durability, quality, weaknesses, and features. In the end, there will be a conclusion on which one is the best to use for your work and why.

Ryobi Table Saw Review

First, let’s talk about the Ryobi Company and its manufactured products. Ryobi Limited is an international company whose products are manufactured and sold all over the world.

They create heavy outdoor tools which have reputation for their high performance and advanced technology. Its products deliver a premium user experience like no manufacturer has ever done before. Ryobi provides a premium user experience for its customer, the table saw is not a good product for professional carpenters or daily usage.

Ryobi RTS23 Review

The Ryobi RTS23 table saw is an expanded capacity table saw, has intergraded dust chute, and a Folding stand with wheels that helps in storage and transportation from one place to other. As it provides not only portability but also great quality cuts.

Ryobi RTS23 table saw
Ryobi RTS23 table saw

It has a 15 AMP powerful motor with a sharp blade. It cast-aluminum tabletop for durable, lightweight, and flatwork surfaces. Also, it adds strength and durability by providing steel roll gage.

The Ryobi RTS23 comes with 3 years of warranty. Ryobi RTS23 is a strong machine for normal usages and provides an excellent experience to beginner and intermediate woodworkers.

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Cast Aluminum Tabletop

Ryobi RTS23 with cast-aluminum tabletop

In Ryobi RTS23 review, its specifications and features must be mentioned. As this table saw is made of such strong quality and the performance is reliable, the key features must be mentioned.

Ryobi RTS 23 comes with a cast-aluminum tabletop which provides a strong surface for the carpenters to do their work easier and more effectively. If we talk about its dimension, its assembled depth and height are 30.25 inches and 16.125 inches respectively.

Cut Capacity

Ryobi RTS23 table saw has brushed type motor with a power of 15 amp. The blade diameter is 10 inches along with depth adjustment, Lock-on switch, and blade guard system.

The 15 amp strong power motor for this table saw provides amazing cut capacity and nearly the perfect alignment cuts on the wooden objects. The strong motor and amazing cut capacity at reasonable provides make the Ryobi RTS23 table saw a better option.

Lightweight & Easy to use

The Ryobi RTS23 table saw is a lightweight machine with a weight of 51lbs and it is very easy to use. It provides a really easy design with graphical visuals on it. These All features make Ryobi RTS23 a good friendly machine for home projects.

Weakness & Disadvantage:

Although the Ryobi RTS23 is a reliable machine but is suitable for hours of continuous work. The blade needs to be changed when damaged by excessive use.

The parts of Ryobi RTS23 are expensive than other table saw’s products in the market. The motor is not designed to do heavy-duty work for hours, but it is perfect for doing small projects which require less use of the Ryobi table saw.

Ryobi 13 Amp Table Saw RTS08 Review

From here you will be reading the Ryobi 13 AMP table saw review and all the things you need to know about this amazing product. Its model is called RTS08 and it comes with an 8-1/4 inches table saw.

Ryobi Table Saw RTS08
Ryobi Table Saw RTS08

It has accurate crosscuts by adjustable miter gauge. It also provides onboard storage for all necessary accessories. Along with 13A strong powerful performance motor, it has a steel frame which adds strength and durability. Ryobi 13 AMP table saw also comes with three years warranty.

While reading Ryobi 13 AMP table saw RTS08 review, you must also read its amazing features and specifications, so its cons too which can help you choose which is the best product for you. The main specs and features it covers are cast aluminum tabletop, its cut capacities, its lightweight, its durability, and its flat surface. The features in numbers are mentioned below.

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Accurate Cuts

The main feature why people love Ryobi table saw is they provide impressive accurate cuts at the time of cutting wood objects. However, the accuracy is not so reliable for heavy hardwood. For small light woodwork at-home projects, it is an excellent machine.

Safety Features

Ryobi RTS08 Safely Design
Ryobi RTS08 Safely Design

Ryobi RTS08 table saw comes with handy safety features which not only save the user from accidents but are also very useful when kids are around the stationary Ryobi 13 amp table saw.

The safety features include the ability to lock the power button. This can save kids from injury when a supervisor is not around. It also comes with a blade guard, normally placed on the blade when the machine is not in use.


Ryobi RTS08 has depth and height 28 inches and 12.625 inches respectively. The assembled weight is 50.4 lbs. and the package depth is 28 inches.


It takes 13 Amps of power and the blade diameter is 8.25 inches. It comes with a corded power supply and is handled stationary. The motor type is the same as Ryobi RTS23 which is brushed. Saw features include depth adjustment, lock-on switch, and blade guard system.

Ryobi 10″ table saw with steel stand 15 amp RTS12 review

It has a blade guard and a push stick. It keeps it handy and blows the top of the surface. Also, it has a rip fence, which makes it pretty easy to move. It helps in the movement of woods in and out from the blade. Ryobi 10” Table saw RTS12 with steel stand price is under $200. Comes with a 15 Amp strong powerful motor which helps in cutting wood so easily.

Ryobi Table Saw RTS12
Ryobi Table Saw RTS12

It has a push deal with it which is stored on the side and can be placed/fitted on the top surface to help the user in cutting the wood more effectively and easily by pushing the material to the saw. Ryobi RTS12 table saw comes with a stand that can be removed or adjusted accordingly to the user’s flexibility. The stand can be removed from the saw and the saw can be placed somewhere else.

Excellent product for a Reasonable price

The Ryobi 10” table saw RTS12 the price is under $200 in the market. They are easily available. As the price of the Ryobi RTS12 is very reasonable, it makes the product more likable by the customers. Customers do not have to buy $1000 worth of table saw to do their small home projects.

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Great Safety and Durability

Safety features are always the part of the Ryobi table saw. The high-power motor and the safety features along with three years warranty make the Ryobi table saw products very durable.


You can cut up to 27 inches. There is extra support that comes out for the material, provides extra space for the table. The extra support length is 10.5 inches. It cuts really well in straight lines and provides accuracy. Ryobi 15 Amp table saw comes with a really powerful motor, the power source is through cord wire.

Ryobi Table Saw Review

Ryobi Table Saw Pros


It comes at a really reasonable price. As it provides much functionality and can do the work done, makes it a good purchase for novice woodcutters who just starting their living or work as a hobbyist. The price range varies from $180 to $250. This is a really good price than buying a table saw for $800 to $1000.

Heavy Gauge

Ryobi provides strong steel sport and heavy gauge which provides strong sport at the time of working. While using the table saw you do not have to worry about it falling or tipping.

Power Switch lockout

This feature is for safety purposes and can save big accidents from occurring. The carpenters with kids around the workplace or at home need such safety features so that accidents can be avoided in the workshop area. This feature makes the Ryobi table saw safe for normal house and workplace use.

Strong Motor

Ryobi provides a remarkable strong motor in all of its table saw with good cutting capacity. Ryobi table saw comes in different models and designs. Based on the model, Ryobi chooses the best power motor. The table saw can handle the work of intermediate and beginner level carpenters jobs.


Having three years warranty is what makes Ryobi Table Saws stand out from the rest of its competitors. It shows the manufacturer’s trust in its quality product. Along with the warranty, they have good technical support in case you experience any problem, the technical team is always there to help you out.

Ryobi Table Saw Cons

Fence Adjustment

Ryobi table saws fence adjustment is sloppy which leads to the precision problem and a user has to put extra effort in cutting the wood precisely. It causes you problems when you are up to doing finer woodwork.

No Zero Clearance

It has no zero clearance insert availability. This function is a must for most carpenters, and the Ryobi table saw does not have this feature is a big disadvantage of these products and a disappointment for the users.

Shoddy Gauge

Many users talked and complained about the Ryobi table saw having a cheap, loose-made miter gauge on its table saw. This gives a big drawback to the design of the table saw. This makes the Ryobi users go for other brands and manufacturers.

Bad Assembly Instructions

Ryobi is a Japanese product. Users find problems in reading the manual. The assembly instructions should be easy to understand. Many users face problems in reading and understanding the assembly instructions and have a hard time assembling the table saw.


In this article, we gave you the Ryobi Table Saw the review and discussed the three Ryobi’s table saws. First, we have provided Ryobi RTS23 review, then we provided Ryobi 13 Amp table saw RTS08 review, and at the end, we provided the review of Ryobi 15 Amp table saw RTS12 review.

If you are looking to buy a table saw for small projects in your home and you are not some expert nor looking for a heavy-duty table saw which can cut strong woods easily, then Ryobi’s table saws are the best possible option for you.

If you are more into heavy-duty work and you are a carpenter by profession, Ryobi table saw are not a good option for you. They are cheap and for normal uses not for daily hard and long uses. You need to go for something stronger and reliable if you are a professional carpenter or a woodworker. Such heavy-duty table saw prices start from $800 and go up, depending on what you looking for or what you need from the table saw.

It is not like you need to do heavy-duty professional work and you can do it for just $200. You need to get an expensive table saw for your professional work. For normal usages, Ryobi table saws are the best options out there in the market with an impressive 3 years warranty and strong motors.

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