KIMO Drill Review: Best Budget-Friendly Cordless Drill


It can be intimidating for a beginner DIYer to look for a user-friendly drill. The market is filled with power tools but not all of them are well-suited for beginners. This is why we have brought you the perfect product today.

KIMO Drill
KIMO Drill

In this article, we will do a KIMO drill review. This product is supposed to be a beginner’s best friend. So, find out if KIMO drill 20V is any good.

KIMO Drill Review: 20V 350 Lb Torque Cordless Drill

Let’s start our KIMO drill review with the features this drill offers.

3-in-1 Working Mode

Kimo drill with 3-in-1 Working Mode

When people buy drills they are intending to use them for multiple projects. Sometimes you would need to drill into a wall, other times you are drilling a nail in a wood plank. Which means, the motor should be powerful enough to work with all sort of material. This is exactly what the KIMO drill motor is all about.

KIMO drill has a powerful copper motor. With the help of this motor, you can easily drill in metal, cement walls, wood, and any other material you want. Furthermore, it has buttons that let you switch between the various modes easily.

Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

One thing that keeps most people from drilling is that these electric tools can be a little heavy. And not everyone has the best upper body strength. With that said, the KIMO 20V drill weight is not a problem anymore.

KIMO has designed this 20V drill uniquely. It is lightweight and ergonomic. So, anyone can easily lift it, handle it, and use it.

On top of that, the KIMO drill has a soft padded handle. This makes it easy to carry around the tool. It also prevents wrist sprain.

Versatile Usage

Yes, this product is called “KIMO Drill 20V”. However, it is more than just a drill. The product comes with a set of various brushes heads. You can attach these brush heads to your KIMO drill and turn your drill into a cleaning tool. These brush heads can help you clean your sink, toilet, kitchen top, and everything else quickly and efficiently.

Kimo drill multi purpose uses

Cordless Design

Last but not the least, KIMO drill is a cordless tool. This simple design opens up many possibilities. As the drill is cordless you would not have to worry about the cord restricting your movement. Whether there is an electric switchboard near your project site or not, you can work without any problem.

Reasons To Buy KIMO Drill

Now that you know what the KIMO drill offers, you should know why this is a good option for you.


KIMO drill 20V is indeed a great product, however, it is not the only amazing drill in the market. But what makes KIMO drill different from its competitors is that even though it offers many functions, the drill is economical. Anyone with a tight budget can buy the KIMO drill without worrying about finances.

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Suitable For Beginners

If you are a beginner then the KIMO drill should be your first choice. Why? Because it is perfect for newbies. If we compare the 20V KIMO drill with other popular drills in the market then we can clearly see how this drill is beginner’s friendly.

KIMO drill with popular drills

To start with, one of the top-selling drills, DeWalt DCD996 weighs around 4 pounds. Now if you have never used a drill before in your life then carrying such a heavy tool would be difficult. Other than weight, Dewalt has an 820 lb torque. This number might seem impressive. However, a more powerful motor means the price would also be high. On the other hand, KIMO drill 20V weighs only 1.6 LBs and is easy to handle for beginners.

Similarly, another popular product Decker LDX120C features a 115 in-lb torque and is slightly cheaper. But for a few more dollars, KIMO drill 20V offers a maximum of 350 in-lb of torque. It is more powerful than the Decker drill and still affordable.

KIMO 20V Battery For Drill Review

The KIMO 20V drill is a cordless power tool, which means it requires a battery. But you do not have to worry about going on a hunt. KIMO Tools offers a perfect battery for the 20V drill.

KIMO 20V Battery
KIMO 20V Battery

Now it’s time to discuss the KIMO 20V battery features.

High Capacity for Kimo Drill

KIMO 20V battery for drill has a 4.0 ah capacity. A battery with this much capacity can help you run a cordless drill for around 4 hours. You would not have to constantly recharge it during projects.

Long Life Cycle

Another feature that we loved about the KIMO 20V battery is its long lifecycle. The KIMO 20V battery has a life of 1000 cycles. In other words, you can recharge and discharge it 1000 times before it starts to lose its capacity. Even if you discharge the KIMO 20V battery every day, it will be working efficiently for 3 years.

Compatible With KIMO drill 20V Series

The best thing about the KIMO 20V battery is that it is made specifically for the KIMO 20V series. Not only you can use this battery for the KIMO 20V drill, but for any other cordless product from the line. For example, the battery will work great with the angle grinder, brad nailer, drill driver, leaf blower, oscillating tool, and anything from the KIMO 20V series.

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KIMO Tool Company

Surprisingly, the KIMO tools company is not a new establishment. It was founded in the 90s and since then the company is thriving. The main motto of the KIMO tools is to research, develop, and better the lithium-ion battery-powered tool. And it seems like they have been achieving their goal so far.

KIMO Tools have their supplier and manufacturer in various countries from South Asia, Middle East, and Europe. But KIMO power tools are generally manufactured in China.


With that, we are at the end of this KIMO drill review. In conclusion, the 20V KIMO drill is a good option for beginners for 2 reasons.

First, it is easy to use, and second, it is affordable. But even if you are not a beginner you can use this drill because the KIMO drill is powerful and with its 350 Lb torque you can drill through tough surfaces.

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