Ozito Drill Press Review with WEN Drill Press [Affordable Price]

Ozito Drill Press Review

The Ozito drill presses are strong tools or machines which are strong in power and vastly use by people or companies to do drilling holes in metal, wood, or even in plastic.

Ozito drill press
Ozito drill press

Such holes are drilled by drill press of various sizes of diameters and can help you achieve your desired hole. They are strong machines that are designed to do heavy-duty tasks and to drill through thick materials.

Ozito drill press review will be done along with the WEN drill press. They are just like hand drills but more heavy-duty and they are stationary. An object which needs to be drilled is placed in the fittings and then it drills.

Ozito Drill Press Review

The Ozito Drill Press is reliable at their performance. As you can normally check by doing a search on the web, you rarely find any unsatisfied Ozito Drill Press Customer. Not only Ozito Drill Press has won the hearts of its consumers but also winning over all the drill press competitors and giving them hide time to compete with the quality and satisfaction Ozito provides to its customers.

On drilling tools and machinery, Ozito Drill Press still lies at the top leading brands with the online market on different e-commerce stores along with Amazon’s website. Ozito offers many features and quality standards that other drill press manufacturers are still not able to compete with it.

Ozito Drill PressFeatures

High Power & Speed

The Ozito Drill Press comes in two sizes which are called spindle and swing travel. It provided the ability to use the drill press differently based on the material’s width or size. Power is what makes Ozito Drill Press stands out from most of its competitors. The power of Ozito Drill Press is in watts and it consumes higher wattage so the output is higher and can easily drill holes of different depth and diameters.

Ozito drill press with high power and speed
Ozito drill press with high power and speed

Along with power, speed plays an important role. As power does not let the machine make feels under power, speed is necessary to make things done quickly. The Ozito Drill Press speed is impressive and it does the job quickly.

Efficient & Accurate

Many of Ozito Drill Press model is suitable for all kind of workplace where different angles are required to do the job more accurately and effectively without damaging the material or ruining the quality of the material either its wood, plastic or even the metal.

Ozito drill press tilt to 45 degrees
Ozito drill press tilt to 45 degrees

Some of its models allow it to tilt to 45 degrees and some high-end models allow it to do full 360-degree tilting. Which allows the drilling to be done at all angles or to drill holes at any point on the material. Along with 360-degree rotation, there comes LED Light or laser light which shows where the drilling is going to take place or the hole will land.

Affordable Price

The price of Ozito Drill Press also makes the competitors stand out of the business game. The prices of Ozito Drill Press are relatively very low than other drill press in the market. As Ozito is making amazing drill press by keeping all the quality standards in mind and providing reliable drill machines to its customer at a reasonable price, other drill press companies are charging heavy amounts of money.

For Instance, Ozito 350W 13mm Drill press is costing around $30-$35 at online websites and the same drill press are provided by other companies at relatively high cost such as $110 to $130.

Ozito Dp-350 Drill Press Question

The performance of Ozito Dp-350 Drill Press raised some concerns about the quality of the machine and the precision of drilling it. The customers did not like it and left so many bad reviews about the product.

Some said it is so hard to do precise drilling as it wobbles too much. Few said it’s the worst product they can ever imagine. Others said the product is good but only for light use.

All these reviews raised concerns about the quality of Ozito Drill Press, so in conclusion, Ozito stopped the manufacturing of this product almost a year ago and launched the better products. The newly launched products were able to win the hearts of people as they were precise at drilling and have high speed & power combination.

Better Drill Press?

Wen 4214 drill press
Wen 4214 drill press

As the market of the drill press is large, customers do not usually stick to only one brand and they keep exploring different brands and their new products all the time. This scenario is also applicable to drill press brands. People always searching for better options in terms of quality and price.

The WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press is a remarkable drill press in the market, manufactured by WEN Industries. It comes in orange color and gives it an astonishing look. It works on 120 Volts and the speed is 3200 RPM (Revolutions per minute). As Ozito Drill press is only manufactured in Australia and sell in Australia, the customers outside Australia can’t get the machine easily. So they go for the machines that are easily available for them in their own stores & markets.

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WEN 4214 Drill Press Review

Ozito Drill Press ReviewWEN 4214 is a powerful heavy-duty drill that can drill 5/8 inch holes in plastic, wood, or even thick strong metal.

Its machinery allows it to generate 580 to 3200 RPM, depending on the speed/gear you select. It displays the speed on its LED display plus 45-degree movement to the left or right direction, which gives more precision for drilling. The X-pattern laser locks on to your drill points, saving on guesswork and sparing expensive materials.

Remember when you could drill with laser precision? Remember WEN.

Specs of WEN 4214 DrIll Press

  • Infinitely variable speed ranges from 580-3200 RPMs. Mechanical variable speed delivers equal torque throughout the range. LED read-out displays speed.
  • Spindle Travel of 3-1/8″ with easy to read, locking linear depth stop for accurate and repeatable drilling operations. The front to the back of the motor is 22 inches
  • Quill diameter of 2.17 inches. Durable 2/3hp induction motor develops ample torque and power. Motor: 120 V, 60 Hz. Laser Module: Class III
  • 9-1/2 x 9-1/2″ cast iron worktable features rack & pinion height adjustment and bevels up to 45 Degree left & right. Width with the handles: 14-1/2″
  • Includes drill press, mechanical variable speed, laser, table roller extension, 5/8″ keyed chuck & key, tools for assembly. Drill press Height from the Floor to the top: 37 inch

It has a variable speed that can be adjusted depending on the material you are drilling holes in. If the material is more solid then you can set the speed to high. Also, WEN 4214 does not need manual belt changes like other drill press out there in the market. It is more professional and better in performance than other ordinary drill press in the market.

Wen 4214 drill press features

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Ozito drill press review is done on this article. Along with the WEN 4214 drill press review. For small light tasks, the Ozito Drill press is good as it comes at a reasonable price whereas the WEN 4214 comes at a $315 price, which is triple the price of the Ozito drill press.

If you want to do heavy-duty drilling then it is a good choice to go with WEN 4214 as it has high speed and power, along with many other impressive features. Spending money on WEN 4214 won’t disappoint you as they have a high customer satisfaction rate. The biggest disadvantage Ozito drill press has is they only manufacture and sell their products in Australia.

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