Best Makita Battery: Top Reasons Why You Should Make It Your Number One Choice

Makita battery Performance-

Best Makita BatteryIt is pretty difficult to choose the best battery even if you have the high quality machines, but one thing that you must never compromise on is quality. Makita brand is a top choice for quite many people who are involved in building and so it is natural that their main choice should be Makita battery. However, if the battery is used with an application that doesn’t have the required specifications, then its utility value might be compromised in one way or another. Having said this, here are some important factors that make this brand stand head and shoulder high above the rest that fall in the same range.

Top Reasons Why You Should Make Makita Battery Your Number One Choice

Makita Battery Design

Design is one important element that that high functionality rate batteries share-Makita battery is no exception. This type is articulately designed to offer high functionality rate with terminals that are easy to test, not like the others that will take you eternity to find out their power or anything in-between. It is for this very reason that these batteries are easier to use, and offer flexibility for persons who like to use cordless tools that can stand the test of time.

Makita battery Design

Makita Battery Maintenance

The fact that Makita battery brand are easier to maintain is a plus for everyone who does not want to spend a fortune after buying the product. Furthermore, they offer a high return on investment with total value being higher than the initial cost. In as much as there are specifications for maintenance procedures for this battery brand, they are quite easy to follow. And so, no matter the model you choose to use you will never worry about utility value-its worth every single coin spent. Lastly, there are qualified technicians who understand the battery design so well, and in case of anything your batteries will be fixed in no time. See more to learnHow To Prevent Problems With Your Makita Battery

More Time Working-Spend Few hours charging

The one thing that makes the Makita battery even better is that you will never spend hours charging them. Instead, you will end up more hours working as they able to hold power for long periods. As such, you end up increasing your productivity levels and completing any task on time, every time. In other words, you will enjoy high runtime, compatibility with other cordless tools, more power, and an easy side-by-side internal testing mechanism.

Makita Battery battery Life

The Makita battery is one of the hi-tech batteries you find on the market today that guarantee longevity and high performance. You will enjoy every aspect of their iconic Star Protection Computer Controls that allow tools and batteries to exchange data in real-time. Therefore, issues such as overheating, overloading, or over-discharging, are well catered for in good time.

The Makita battery is designed to work well in harsh jobsite conditions making it possible for any task to be completed in good time. In fact, it is one of the reasons that this brand has become so popular with construction companies. Last but not least, with this brand comes many models making it possible for you choose one that will best meet your unique needs.

What to Expect from 5Ah Makita 18V Battery

Makita BL1850B 18Volt 5.0Ah Battery

Among all the high-performing rechargeable batteries manufactured by Makita Corporation, the 18v 5Ah Li-ion battery is perhaps the most coveted one. A lot of loyal Makita battery buyers prefer this battery among others. Hence, in this article, we are going to tackle everything there is to know and what to expect when purchasing a Li-ion Makita battery.

To thoroughly review this power tool battery, we will divide the content into four important aspects that people usually want to know about all rechargeable batteries, namely performance, charge time, weight and size, and its compatibility.

Makita 18V Battery Performance

Unlike your average Li-ion batteries, this 18v 5Ah Makita Battery offers up to 60% additional runtime as compared to the previous 3Ah and 4Ah models. This means that your battery can hold 60% more charge. The more charge your battery holds, the more time you spent in using the battery before recharging it again.

Because of this high increase in the amount of charge time, you can guarantee that you will be able to do more work smoothly and efficiently without having to worry about your battery running out of power after just a few hours of using it. This is particularly important, especially if you will use your power tools in areas where the power source is at a distance.

Makita battery Performance-

Makita 5Ah Battery Charging Time

One would think that since it has more power than the conventional or older models, it may need a lot more time in charging. Well, surprise-surprise! Guess what? You can fully charge your Makita battery in less than an hour, 45 minutes to be exact. Of course, you need to use a reliable charger for this to happen. You can now charge your 5Ah Li-ion Makita battery in just 45 minutes using the recommended Makita XR charger. When using other charger models, charge time may vary from 55 to 60 minutes.

This fast-charging feature is made possible due to the batteries’ smart system where the health and condition of the battery cell are monitored accordingly. This smart system absorbs charge quickly and faster than any other battery models.

This feature will surely benefit those time-conscious individuals. You will certainly have more time to recharge your Makita battery over an hour break!

Makita 18V Battery Weight and Size

If you worried that this impressive performance of 5Ah Makita battery comes with a huge and heavy feature, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The 5Ah battery has, more or less, the same size with the 3Ah and 4Ah batteries. Since this power tool battery is specifically designed for portable use, you can expect a lightweight structure; plus, it has shock-absorbing features! With a total of 18 voltage, this portable, lightweight battery is certainly a must-have.

Makita 18V Battery Compatibility

This 5Ah Makita battery is compatible with over 65 power tools available in the market today. If you flip your power tools over, you can see a yellow colored bottom, yellow starred bottom or black starred bottom. If you see any of these indications, then your power tool is compatible with the 5Ah Makita battery pack. These connectors will allow you to insert the 5Ah battery accordingly.

What is even more incredible is that most advanced power tools produced by Makita Corporations have any of these connectors, meaning you can use the 5Ah battery in almost all advanced Makita power tools.

While the 18v 5Ah battery is not the latest model offered by the Makita Corporation since the release of 6Ah Lithium battery, this is still the best Makita battery great buy as it can pretty much do the same work as the latest model. After thorough research and several reviews, it is safe to say that this 5Ah rechargeable battery from Makita Corporation is by far one of the best value power tool batteries to date.

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