Top 6 best portable power stations in 2019

Portable power stations are necessary especially when you are on the go. These portable power stations are useful in situations that require a lot while on the go. Portable power stations are also required on camping trips and power outages. There are different types of portable power stations available in the market that makes it difficult for you to decide which is best for you.

This article will explain in details the best types of power stations to help you in keeping your laptops, phones, tablets and other gadgets operational while you are on the go. I will discuss the best portable power stations based on the following features: output rating, battery capacity, weight, AC outlet, and USB ports.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Portable Power Station Yeti 400
Goal Zero Portable Power Station Yeti 400

This portable power station has a battery of high capacity to recharge your smartphone and digital camera,30 times and 20 times respectively. The battery of this portable power station is very huge with an AC outlet on it that is regular. Goal Zero Yeti 400 has an intuitive user interface with a rugged and simple design. The weight of this power station is 18 kilograms with a charging output of 1540W.

If you are living in an area that experiences frequent power blackout, you should consider investing in owning Goal Zero Yeti. It can provide you with power with an AC input, and USB outlets. You can transport it anywhere you go. The life expectancy of Goal Zero Yeti 400 is of a single charge. This means you can recharge it using AC wall outlet, a solar panel that is compatible with it and a DC port in your vehicle. You can also know the rate at which the generator is being charged and depleted using a built-in LCD. The goodness about this portable power station is that it can charge about seven appliances at the same time. The only demerit about this portable power station is the cost. It is expensive for other people to afford it.

2. EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

EcoFlow River 370 power station

This portable power station can charge many devices at the same time. It is very light making it easy to carry while on the go. EcoFlow River has nine power generator outlets. It can power nine devices simultaneously. It has an AC output of 300W. EcoFlow River has USB ports that can charge quickly with each port supporting 12W. The battery of this portable power station can hold power for up to one year. It is the best portable power station for traveling and remote campsites. EcoFlow River comes with a built-in handle to help you carry it to and from the campsites. It is very durable and water-resistant hence it can survive in any situation.

The following are advantages of EcoFlow River: it has a huge capacity of 500 watts, it has 11 outlets, it can hold power for up to one year and it is very light making it easy to carry. The only demerit of this portable power station is the cost. It cost $600 meaning it can be expensive for other people. Though the price of this machine is very high, it is worth it. If you a portable power station to help in keeping your drones, mobile phones, and other appliance to keep running, EcoFlow river is the best.

3. EasyFocus Portable Power Station

EasyFocus Portable Power Station 200Wh
EasyFocus Portable Power Station 200Wh

Portable Power Station This is the best portable power station for those people who want to save little money. This power station is also very light. It has different outlets, which include four USB ports, three ACs of 100V and 4 DCs. EasyFocus has the following features: it has an integrated LED flashlight, ability to recharge using solar panels and safety protection for high temperatures. EasyFocus is used to recharge smart devices, power lights, and appliances.

EasyFocus has advantages over other portable power stations. They include built-in LED flashlights, protects for over-power, over current and short circuits, it comes with adapters useful for the plug-in, an easy carrying handle and the ability to recharge it through the solar panels. The demerit of EasyFocus is the capacity of not supporting longer trips. It also not ideal for emergencies.

4. PowerPro Portable Generator

PowerPro is a gas-powered model. This power station can run for up to five hours even when the tank is half-full of fuel. It weighs about thirty-six pounds making it be the lightest gas-powered model in the market even if it is the heaviest among the power stations on the list. This power station is transportable hence; you can use it at any time of the day. It is safe to use this power station in forest and nationals parks because it has a spark arrestor.
The following are the advantages of PowerPro generator: it weighs 36 pounds making it the lightest when compared to other generators, safe to use it in national forests, ability to power small appliances and it is very cheap hence many people can afford it. The demerit of PowerPro is the lack of ability to last a longer period compared to electric batteries.

5. Anker PowerHouse

Anker Powerhouse Compact 400Wh
Anker Powerhouse Compact 400Wh

Anker PowerHouse packs 400 watts. It weighs 9 pounds making it the lightest portable power station. It has the following features: four ports of USB and 110V AC outlet. This power station can power small appliances. It can power a TV in which you can catch important programs when you are on camping trips. The price of Anker PowerHouse is about $700 making the most expensive option on the list of portable power stations. Anker PowerHouse is second in quality after Goal Zero.

The advantages of Anker’s PowerHouse include the following: it packs 400 watts, which is ideal for camping trips, it can power TVs, smalls appliances such as fridges; it weighs 9 pounds making it very light, and an ability to charge many devices at the same time, it also provides a power option which is noiseless for medical devices. The demerit of Anker PowerHouse is the cost. It is very expensive at $700.

6. Jackery Explorer 75 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

This portable power station is ideal for mobile professionals. It is used to charge tablets, laptops smartphones, and other gadgets. It has three USB ports for quick charging. It weighs about 1.5 pounds making it be among the lightest power stations. This means that you can carry it anywhere you go. It has the option to charge it through the solar panel. The battery Jackery Explorer 75 is of high capacity meaning you can use it to charge Bluetooth speakers, drones and camera batteries.

The above six are the best types of portable power stations. You can make your own decision on the best power station that can satisfy you depending on your needs. Goal Zero Yeti 400 is the most preferred because of its high capacity battery.

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