V10 VS V8

So let’s talk about the review of both Dyson v8 and Dyson V10 and the differences and similarities between the two. Dyson machines are vacuum machines which function without the use of a cord. They are cordless machines that remind us of the end of vacuum machines with cords.

But this review is mainly about the comparison between the two models. Looking at the recent updates in terms of Dyson V10 and how it has greatly improved compared with Dyson V8. Both of them are products of Dyson with unique designs, separate replacement batteries, cyclonic suction system and dust cups. All suited to ease the cleaning process expending the least amount of energy to get the work done.

Follow me below as we compare the two great models from an excellent vacuum machine company.

V10 VS V8
V10 VS V8

Dyson v8 vs v10 Differences


Dyson v10 as an upgrade came with modifications of Dyson V8 designs and some new innovative designs. A major example is the standard cleaner head of Dyson V8. This standard cleaner head has been upgraded quite a bit from the v8 to the v10, and it is now called a torque drive cleaner head. Dyson, in his report, said that this gives the Dyson V10 a 25% more brush roll agitation power than the V8s standard cleaner head.

Dyson V8 vs V10 cleaner head
Dyson V8 vs V10 cleaner head

Also, the new design of Dyson v10 has two small adjustable gates on the front. These are crucial for picking up larger debris on hard floors while the V8s standard cleaner head does not have these gates. A major difference noticed in the function of Dyson V10 was due to this design. The V10 with its gates, especially with the gates all the way open did great on both low and high power. This helps the V10 to be able to pick up large debris on hard floors effortlessly easily. Whereas V8 because of the absence of these gates wouldn’t pick up any of the larger debris on hard floors.

The differences in design between these two models also involve the difference in weight. Even though both of these models are very close to the same weight, the base of the V10 is three ounces heavier. The dirt bin is about 8 ounces or 1 cup bigger on the v10 than on the v8, and this is quite notable. However, this doesn’t have any adverse effect on the manoeuver ability of the machine. Nor the comfortability or smooth handling as both models that is Dyson V8 and V10 is much better than any cordless in terms of weight and comfort.

Dyson V10 has a new innovative way of emptying the bin. This involves you pointing the barrel inside the trash can as against the usual bin emptying method in Dyson V8. This also is one of the major improvements made on Dyson V8.

Cyclonic suction system and dust cups

There are significant differences in the cyclonic suction system and dust cups of both Dyson V10 and V8. The best way to measure the actual suction of the machine is to measure the inches of water lift. But due to the fairly sensitive auto shut off feature in both models, the real suction can not be measured. However, one significant means of measuring the suction of the machine is by the airflow measurements. This function as an alternative to measuring the actual cyclonic suction.

Dyson v10 vs. v8 Cyclonic suction system
Dyson v10 vs. v8 Cyclonic suction system

The airflow was measured at the cleaner head, the wand opening, and directly on the base. The airflow of V10 has better airflow than V10 on high power while Dyson V8 has better airflow than V10 on low power. However, in general, Dyson V10 has better airflow and invariably better suction than Dyson V8. Also, Dyson V10 dust cups are better designed than Dyson V8 and make the cleaning process very easy with no stress.

Cleaning Heads

There are different cleaning heads with which Dyson V10 and V8 work with depending on presence or absence of attachments. There are three different ends from which suction and airflow can be measured and or applied. The cleaner head, the wand opening and the direct base. Using a soft brush can also help optimize the cleaning power of the machine. Furthermore, Dyson V8 has a standard cleaner head as against the improvement in Dyson V10 of torque drive cleaner head. Dyson, in his report, said that this gives the Dyson V10 a 25% more brush roll agitation power than the V8s standard cleaner head.

Dyson v8 vs v10 battery life

The battery life on both the v8 and v10 are dramatically different depending on what power mode your using. And which attachments you have attached. For example, on low power with no attachments, the V8 went for 42:48, and the V10 went for 61 minutes. On high power with the cleaner head attached, the v8 went for 9 minutes. And the V10 for 6:30 seconds which is pretty good for that much power.

The V10, which is the only one with a medium power setting, went 26:57 on medium power. This, with the cleaner head attached. So medium power on the V10 seems like the best of both worlds that is airflow and battery life.

However, you can also get a replacement battery for the two models. The Dyson V10 replacement battery and Dyson V8 replacement battery prolong the battery and give it a better life span.

Is the Dyson v8 or v10 better?

In general, Dyson V10 is an upgrade of Dyson V8. It has a better cleaner head and more power. Longer battery life on low power added medium power setting and a much bigger bin without sacrificing weight for smooth handling or ability to manoeuver. Therefore V10 has better features than Dyson V8.


In the above review, I was able to compare the two models of Dyson, Dyson V10 and V8. This was in terms of the design, cyclonic suction system, dust cups. Also, the cleaning heads and battery life. It also showed the awesomeness of Dyson machines as compared to other products. And the intensity that Dyson puts into their works and different models. With more updates, Dyson products continue to get better, and we only can hope for more great products to come from Dyson.

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