The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ridgid Battery Replacement [ 5-Stars]

best ridgid battery replacement

Have you been facing different problems that are a result of poor batteries? There are common problems that many battery users face and you must be there seriously looking for help if you are among the victims. Well, we understand the hard time you may go through as a result of poor batteries which is why this article helps find the best Ridgid battery replacement that will be problem-solving. Besides, all the batteries discussed below are safety-oriented. Therefore, sit back and prepare to learn the best Ridgid batteries.

#1. Ridgid 18 volt Battery Replacement: Genuine OEM R840087 4AH

Ridgid 18 volt battery replacement

This is a top-notch and very effective battery that covers you in every aspect. Why do you need this as your best Ridgid battery replacement? Well, Ridgid Genuine OEM R840087 18V Hyper Lithium-Ion 4AH Single Battery is built with a Hyper Lithium-Ion Technology that makes the battery perform effectively than other batteries. Though the battery comes with many features, this technology accounts for its versatility making it stand out of the rest.

If you have been using a battery that performs poorly in low-temperature zones, you probably need this best Ridgid battery as your problem-solving fellow. This is because the battery can perform excellently even in very low-temperature zones – up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most users have been experiencing problems with their batteries that are as a result of overheating, overcharging, or even overloading. With no doubt, if you are a victim of the same, you must be looking for a solution. Ridgid Genuine OEM R840087 18V Hyper Lithium-Ion 4AH Single Battery is the best for you. This is because the fuel cells are designed effectively to ensure such problems don’t occur. This will not only keep you safe but also save some bucks.

Besides, the battery is equipped with an Onboard Fuel Gauge that enables you to determine the charge remaining in the battery. This is very important in the sense that you will be always aware of the right time to recharge the battery. These features plus other minor ones make the battery inevitable.

#2. Ridgid 18V Bluetooth 9.0 Lithium-Ion Battery

Ridgid battery 9ah

Ridgid has been on the front row when it comes to making hand tools. Its undefeated capability has been seen in most of its batteries also. Here, the company brings the Ridgid 18V Bluetooth 9.0 Lithium-Ion Battery that is refurbished but still works great than most new batteries from other brands.

During the refurbishment process, the company activated a hands-on activity that saw it test the functionality of the battery, cleaned it, inspected it thoroughly, and finally carried out repacking.

The process was done with the utmost care just to ensure that despite being a refurbish, triggering the utmost satisfaction shouldn’t be an exception. One of the best features that come with the battery is Bluetooth technology. This ensures that the battery induces uttermost productivity. The battery is also an Octane Battery and as a user, you will find it much better if you can pair it with the Octane tools which are not included in the battery but you can always get yourself one.

#3. Ridgid 130377001 24-Volt Li-ion Battery

Ridgid 24v battery

This is a Lithium-ion 24V Ridgid battery that is also a great option if the early batteries aren’t your preference.

Being a 24V battery may be more suitable for those who are after a battery that will provide more power for more time. The battery comes with a 3-year limited warranty making it very convenient and ideal for everyone.

Ridgid 140315001 12V Single Port 1 Hour Battery Charger is the type of a charger that is compatible with Ridgid 130377001 24-Volt Li-ion Battery

#4. Ridgid R86006 Drill Replacement 18V Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Battery

Ridgid r86006 replacement battery

This is another Ridgid Lithium-ion replacement battery that is genuine and built to satisfy all user’s battery wants. Ridgid R86006 Drill Replacement 18V Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Battery a pack of two batteries that are all in good condition.

Compatibility and versatility were all major concerns during the building of these batteries. This is backed up by how the batteries are compatible with the Ridgid 18 Volt tools.

However, the tools are supposed to be accepting the slide style’ battery packs. According to many users, the batteries are powerful and works great. For maximum satisfaction, it is important to seek help from the manual book that comes with the package since it will help you realize the Dos and the Don’ts.

#5. Best Ridgid Battery Replacement 12v r86048

Best ridgid battery replacement 12v r86048

Finding the best Ridgid battery replacement can be very hard if there is no correct guide. It is for this reason that Ryobi-Ridgid Replacement Battery R86048 12V-DC LI comes as the last in this list of the top 5 best Ridgid battery replacement. Being in the last position in the list doesn’t guarantee inferiority. This is one of the best batteries you can ever trust as someone who is after quality.

It is a 12-Volt Lithium-ion Ridgid battery that is very powerful. Most batteries are poor and work for some time before dysfunctioning. With this replacement battery, durability is the least of your worries since it performs great in a very long period provided that the right treatment and environment are provided. Also, Ryobi-Ridgid Replacement Battery R86048 12V-DC LI is built with a couple of safety features to ensure that you don’t jeopardize your own life just because you are using a battery.

The previous section was a comprehensive list of the top 5 best Ridgid Battery replacement. All of them are rechargeable batteries and as you know the process of charging can’t be achieved without the charger. For convenience purposes and to make everything easy below is a review of a Ridgid charger that you need to consider for various reasons.

Ridgid R86092 Battery Charger: Dual Chemistry 18V Lithium-ion / NiCad Battery Charger

Ridgid R86092 Battery Charger

With a very low price, the charger is built to ensure charging your battery becomes smooth and fast. Ridgid Genuine OEM R86092 Dual Chemistry 18V Lithium-ion / NiCad Battery Charger is equipped with LED indicators that enable you to know whether your battery is charging or not.

Once your batter developed faults it may be hard to recognize that. However, when you are using this charger, through the LED lights, you can be notified in case the battery has flaws. This is very important in the sense that when you discover a flaw earlier, you can consider taking it for service before it malfunctions.

Another feature of this groovy charger is the minimum time it takes to get your battery fully charged. In most cases, chargers may take up to one hour to fully charge a battery.

That isn’t the case with Ridgid Genuine OEM R86092 Dual Chemistry 18V Lithium-ion / NiCad Battery Charger.

In normal conditions, it only takes 30 minutes for the charger to fully recharge your battery.

This is pretty good since it saves much time hence, somehow, increases productivity. The fast charging speed which is very reliable is a result of the charger being an improved version of the Ridgid R86091 (the old version).

Also, to increase reliability, the charger is equipped with screw mounts at the back enabling the user to attach it to a wall or any place. This feature also increases versatility in the sense that you can mount it at home or in a garage. Mounting is, however, optionally. The other advantage of the mounts is that it reduces accidents that may result from the charger getting stumbled had it been placed on the floor where people make movements.

Lastly, Ridgid Genuine OEM R86092 Dual Chemistry 18V Lithium-ion / NiCad Battery Charger is compatible with most Ridgid batteries specifically the 18V Ridgid batteries. So, get the charger, learn the patterns of the LED indicators and enjoy the great experience of the charger.

best ridgid battery replacement

Below is the last section that discusses the compatibility of the 18V Ridgid batter. Please read through carefully to ensure you grasp the content better.

Ridgid 18V Battery Compatibility

The rigid 18 Volts battery is commonly used among people and there is a need to clearly address how it’s compatible with other devices such as chargers. Having such information will help you to use the battery with the right devices hence, reducing or avoiding erroneous activities.

As briefed above, Ridgid OEM R86092 Dual Chemistry 18V Lithium-ion / NiCad Battery Charger is compatible with the Ridgid 18V batteries. This is true and it is the best compatible charger that you need to use for you 18V batteries. The Ridgid 18V battery is also compatible with many other Ridgid tools such as drills.

Read more information about Ridgid battery compatibility


As of now, choosing the best Ridgid battery replacement shouldn’t be hard and you should have learned a lot from the provided content. All Ridgid products described here are genuine. Besides, the Ridgid products reviewed here have been tested and confirmed that they work great and effectively. From users who use them effectively, they also gave positive feedback with most of them ranking the products as 5-star tools.

With that said. It turns out that they are legit products and you can purchase with no fear of getting scammed or fearing the products to be ineffective. As a user, the compatibility of the products is a very important part worth giving your attention to avoid any problems that may develop to the product.

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