Worx vs Rockwell Bladerunner & Compact Circular Saw in DIY Home Improvement

Worx vs Rockwell

If you are considering a home improvement, and you want to do it yourself, you will need appropriate tools for different jobs. Most of us have necessary tools such as screwdrivers and screws, hammers and nails. But when it comes to more serious work such as cutting wood, you might need to purchase an electric jigsaw to get the job done.

Portable table jigsaws are an excellent solution, and there are various types and brands in the market. But, if you wish to buy the best one, you will undoubtedly have the dilemma between Worx and Rockwell Bladerunner. So let’s check out who wins the battle of Worx vs Rockwell.
Worx vs Rockwell
Worx vs Rockwell

Worx is owned and distributed by a Chinese company, Positec Tool Company, which has headquarters in Suzhou, China and Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is popular in manufacturing garden tools and lawns. The company ships its products in many countries across Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia and America. This gives the idea of how established Worx is.

Rockwell Automations is an American company based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The company specializes in industrial automations and information technology. It’s well established serving more than 80 countries worldwide.

Worx is well known for its venture in garden tools and lawns. The company also manufactures power tools used for home use. With its cutting edge technology, they have made one of the most sophisticated trimmers. They also have both corded and cordless power tools.

Worx vs Rockwell Bladerunner

Worx Bladerunner table saw
Worx Bladerunner table saw

Worx vs Rockwell Bladerunner seems to be drawn a comparison at first glance. In general, both Worx and Rockwell Bladerunner are the portable multi-purpose table saw, but they don’t have a circular blade. They are adverse jigsaws. Both devices are easily mobile, although Worx is a bit lighter in weight. You easily lift them by holding a guard arm and carry it anywhere you like.

Appearance is pretty similar as well. There is a table from which a jigsaw prominates. It is protected by a small footplate from both sides. A guard arm, which connects it to the base plate, can be lifted up to place a wood against the jigsaw. Guard arm is easily removed by unscrewing, and you don’t need special tools for this. You can easily do it manually.

Both devices have a fence which is parallel to the guard arm. You can move the fence depending on what is the width that you wish to cut. But if it is over 3 inches, you will have to remove it. The fence is easily removable by manually unscrewing it. Once you remove the fence, you can easily cut whichever shape you want, either with guard arm present or removed.

Jigsaw is 4 inches long, T-shank type in both devices, but you will have to cut lower height of wood, to be able to cut it completely. Like other parts of both devices, the jigsaw is also easily removed by pressing the button. You can cut different materials with the available jigsaws: wood, laminate, metal, aluminium, plastic or ceramic tiles.
So far, it seems that there is no winner in the competition Worx vs Rockwell.

Rockwell Bladerunner
Rockwell Bladerunner

Differences between Worx and Rockwell Bladerunner

Still, there are small advantages that Worx can offer you. First, it concerns leaving the place after cutting clean and tidy. Worx Bladerunner has a vacuum cleaner connection and makes it easy to remove all the sawdust. Additionally, Worx Bladerunner is equipped with an adjunction – miter cuts – which enable you to choose the cutting angle, between 0 and 60. So if you need those advantages, then Worx Bladerunner is a winner of the game Worx vs Rockwell.

Quality and Safety

Both jigsaws are safe to use because after you fix all the measurements, both your hands will be free for work. The quality is guaranteed, and the performance is similar. Small differences are just a question of personal taste and need. However, the Rockwell has a lower price compared to Worx, if this matter to you.

Worx vs Rockwell Compact Circular Saw

These are the most versatile saws which give cuts with high precision and cuts really quickly. They can cut any material of wood, metal of acrylic. This saw will have your job well done with high quality and efficiency and still give value to your time. In case you want to purchase the product, well be ready for a dilemma of whom to buy from.
Rockwell compact circular saw
Rockwell compact circular saw

Both Worx Compact Circular Saw and that form Rockwell- the Rockwwell Circular Saw will have the job done with high accuracy and precision but they still have some differences.

Worx Compact Circular Saw has a thin blade which reduces tool strain while increasing the speed of cutting through various materials. It is equipped with a blade design on the left side that helps for balance and visibility.

Meanwhile, the Rockwell Circular Saw is one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the market today. Is has a laser guide that aids when cutting through various materials.

Fir the ease of working around with, Rockwell has an upper hand. With its weight of 3.4 pounds compared with 6 pounds of Worx Compact Circular Saw, it doesn’t tire much like the later when working around.

Both saws comes with parallel guides. Also their blades are carbide tipped. This explains why both saw cuts through materials easily and quickly.

worx compact circular saw
worx compact circular saw

Cutting depth is an advantage which most users prefer when cuttting through thick materials. The Worx circular saw is comes with a 5.5 inch blade, while Rockwell Circular saw comes with a 3.25 inch blade. This means that Worx Circular saw has a dipper cutting depth than its peer. Let’s look at the advantages of both saws.

Worx Circular

  1. Possible to connect to a vacuum adapter
  2. It is light
  3. It is cordless
  4. Can be used in differing applications and jobs.

One of disadvantages associated with saw is that it requires more power.

Rockwell Circular Saw

  1. Has a very strong motor which aids when cutting through hard materials.
  2. The addition of laser guide helps make clear cuts.
  3. Like any other power tool, Rockwell Circular Saw has associated setbacks. Unlike its peer its corded which is not convenient if you are working outside. Also it comes with one circular saw.

Worx vs Rockwell Conclusion

Both Rockwell Circular Saw and Worx Circular saw are both efficient in their applications. They are both light weight and have quality blades. Let me leave the buying dilemma to you.

Worx vs Rockwell Bladerunner gives us pretty tough score and difficult choice, but if you are a DIY person, or want to buy a present to a friend who is a hobbyist, any of these two will be a good choice, and you will have fun whichever you choose!

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  1. Could you answer something for me? What should someone be looking for in a table saw? Are there specific features you really need to have? I want to make sure to get one that is as safe as possible to operate. I feel like safety is pretty important. Looking forward to your reply.

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