The world’s best gold detector – Garret AT Gold

The world's best gold detector

Nowadays, technology has captured most areas of our daily life. The area of metal recognition is no exception. There are many metal detectors on the market.

In fact, the market is literally flooded. Metal detectors have high performance and capabilities. These detectors can detect different types of metals. But most people like to hunt for gold which is very natural.

Gold hunting was just a dream. In fact, more than 95% of metal producers have never found gold. In fact, most people think finding is much luckier than skill.

However, with the gold’s best metal detector in 2019, it is certainly the best soil limiting answer to gold. In the market there are many brands of metal detectors that can detect gold, but we can help you find the best in most cases.

Alright, let’s start by looking carefully at the world’s best beginner gold metal detector. There is only one of many.

We have chosen one of the best gold metal detector on the market again to focus on the review. To select this, we tested and trailled the features and specifications of all models with the best products available.

The World’s Best Gold Detector – Garret AT Gold Metal Detector

Garrett is a very popular name in the world of metal detectors and it is not surprising that our first choice is Garrett AT. Anyone on the gold detector market would love to look at this product. Find this model here.

Features and Specifications

As we know that we can find out everything about product differentiation, we think it is important to see exactly what to expect if you buy it.

The first consideration is that this product is waterproof up to 10 meters in water. This is important because it is one of the easiest places to find gold in streams and river basins. This is the virdict of many experienced gold hunters. A gold detection machine that is not waterproof would be of limited use.

It is important to note that when we say waterproof, we are talking about fresh water. It is highly recommended that never use this product in the salt water. If you want to use a salt model, make sure you are looking for a model specifically designed for salt water. Remember, this is an extra alert for you.The world's best gold detector

The next key feature is the double D coil. Most popular brands have concentric or elliptical coils, but the coils of this type of sensor are the best of Double D (not intended). They do a great job of gold placement and help you pinpoint it so you don’t waste time on rubbish.

Another good feature is the padded handshake and the armrest made with your comfort in mind. If you’ve ever turned the gold detector for hours, you know how easily your arm can get tired.

The Garrett people want you to find all the treasures you can handle and still be comfortable, and the push button is adjustable with the product. People of different heights want a model that can be adjusted and Garrett solved this problem with this model. So, this is an awesome feature for all to get adjusted the metal detector with own height which was never been easier.

Garrett’s AT frequency is 18 kHz, perfect for finding gold coins and jewelry. Actually this is on of the best metal detector for gold hunter. For a gold hunter there is no chance to be disappointed with this Garret AT Gold.

We also want to have an electronic headphone jack, especially if you are using the device in a residential area or with a lot of background noise.

We also think it is important to purchase the physical characteristics of the products. Here’s what you need to know about the Garrett AT Gold Sensor:

  • The search coil up to 5 “8”
  • The stem is adjustable from 43 “to 56”
  • The machine weighs 3.03 pounds
  • These features make Garrett AT the ideal model and one of the best metal gold detectors on the market.


Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Now let’s look at some of the benefits you can expect from Garrett AT Gold. Here they are:

  • Easy to use and has a very fast refresh rate when you enter the box.
  • Helps to distinguish if two objects are close to each other, reducing the risk of gold being masked to something worthless as a bottle cap
  • You can find 12 times gold under the surface of the ground.
  • Depth display eliminates wasted time and helps build treasure faster than other models.

These are serious benefits and explain why you should consider Garrett AT Gold if you are in the market for a reliable electronic gold detector.

Pros and cons

We love most things about Garrett AT, but we also think there are some things that could be improved. Let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of a gold detector.


  • The lightweight model is easy to transport and significantly easier than other products on the market.
  • The small coil allows you to get into tight spaces where a larger coil might not fit.
  • For a particular model, the exact number is very effective.


  • Although waterproof, it is not safe in salt water.
  • No coil guard or carrying case found.


If you want a gold and silver detector to help you become a real treasure hunter, we love Garrett AT for the features discussed here.

We asked our friend who was in the market for a gold detector to test our picks. He spent a few minutes in a park and found some gold jewelry very quickly. He loved the light weight and the small coil, which he said to make his finds easier.

As long as you invest in a windshield protector and waterproof headphones, we believe that this model is worth the price and therefore the best gold metal detector in the world is the best choice. So, what are you waiting for! Just go to shop and have this perfect device!

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