4 Tips on How You Can Keep Your Power Tool Battery in Good Shape

Keep Your Power Tool Battery in Good Shape

Power tool batteries are specially made for each power tool brand or model. A full range of these cells and their compatible replacement are available in the market today. Also, atlest one or two of these batteries can be found in every home. The batteries won’t be able to function by themselves and would need to be operated on power. Many power tool batteries lose their power because of improper care while some would lose it because of not being used much since they are expensive. That said here are tips on how you can keep your power tool battery in good shape.

Power Cycle The Battery at Least Once a Month

A power tool battery is made up of many small cells packed together in one package. The battery is made of NiCD(Nickel-Cadmium).The NiCD kind of batteries develops memory effect. The effect occurs when a rechargeable battery holds less charge. This mainly happens with NiCD battery when is recharged and used partially. At this stage, the battery will seem to remember only smaller capacity.

To avoid such a situation you’ll need to power cycle your power tool battery at least once every week. In which case, the power cycle will involve using up the battery charge and charging it again.

Maintain the Battery by Charging and Discharging it Occasionally

When you fail to use your power tool battery for long, it may become dead. Thus you need to ensure you’ve maintained it well so as to prevent it from going dead. This is one of the major issues with these types of batteries. For maintenance purposes, you’ll need to take it from storage, charge and discharge it occasionally.

Furthermore, you should try and store it in a dry and cool place that is away from metals and heat to keep it in good condition.

Wipe your Power Tool Battery with Alcohol and Cotton Swabs.

Keep Your Power Tool Battery in Good ShapeAt times you may use your power tool battery in a dusty, dry and dirty place while at work and to ensure that its clean and not damaged by dirt and dust you can wipe it with alcohol and cotton swab. This will keep it clean as required thus enabling it have a longer life.

Rebuilding your Power Tool Battery

If you think your power tool battery is not completely charging or is not functioning as you expected. Then you should know that it is time to rebuild your power tool battery. The rebuilding process involves replacing the smaller cells in the battery with the new ones. This process is much cheaper as compared to purchasing a new battery.

Furthermore, the method can also be used in upgrading the current battery with higher capacity cells that will last longer between battery charges thus enabling you to improve the efficiency of your power tool battery and make it last longer.


The above are some of the tips on how you can keep your power tool battery in good shape. Something to note is that power tool batteries vary by brand and the most popular brands are Dewalt and RYOBI. Furthermore, these batteries have been built with the particular design of power usage thus causing them to differ greatly from tool to tool.

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