Kobalt Torque Wrench Review: The Best Way to Increase Your Productivity

Kobalt torque wrenches are tools that are well-made for people who want total productivity. While women have diamonds, men have tools. Like any kitchen equipment, men of the house want to keep a reliable set of tools in the garage that they can safely store and take out anytime they need to use it for their car. The most used tool would be the wrench, and this is a good time to read through this article on the Kobalt torque wrench review.

kobalt digital torque angle wrenchWrenches are probably part of those things that people don’t really think about buying but is something that they must definitely have in their homes. Often times, tools like these are overlooked and if you are not a car or tool enthusiast, you probably wouldn’t know which impact wrench to buy. One thing you need to know is that like most items, there are tools that are made for the sake of repair, but there are those tools that are built not only to repair but to provide performance that will not only repair but make things efficient.

About Kobalt Torque Wrench

Kobalt is more than a brand. It’s a series of well-made tools for mechanics and is distributed at Lowe’s. The brand itself is a reputable and established name in the field of mechanic tools. Operating for twenty years and running, Kobalt is definitely an authority in the tool-making business and a brand that you can definitely count on. Handcrafted for long-lasting performance, Kobalt tools are definitely investment pieces whether you need a reliably tool that will not go out of date, or you are a mechanic at a shop needing the best tools to do your job the best way possible. Because of its tenure, Kobalt guarantees top quality performance hence, the brand offers really favorable warranty for users.

There have been a lot of Kobalt torque wrench reviews and all say the same thing – that it’s built to last, very well-made and is a tool that is worth buying. For its price, it gives a lot of advantages and benefits especially when compared with other less expensive or even more expensive torque wrenches. From its physical features that offer a more stable handling, to its technical use that actually provides much better performance compared to any other wrench in the market.

Kobalt Digital Torque Angle Wrench Review

Length: Comes in a case; 25.5 inches long, which makes it longer than most torque wrenches. This gives Kobalt an advantage as it makes it easier to reach a desired torque.Weight: 4 lbs, a bit heavier than the standard but is acceptable given the added length. This does not take away the fact that it’s still easy to use and manage. The weight actually provides for the stability of the tool, which proves true once you start using it.Operation: The Kobalt torque wrench has a 32 tooth mechanism and offers more accuracy as is stops at every 1lb foot mark. It’s capacity is 50-250 ft lbs and is able to go up 10 lbs in every rotation. Upon testing, it gives very accurate measurement for both clockwise and counterclockwise torque. Reversing mechanism is equally excellent. This wrench is also easy to use, something that even a non-mechanic can easily adjust, and is secure upon locking.

Kobalt 856839 Electronic Torque Wrench

Handling: The handle’s material is a painted metal surface and is especially good because you use it in a workshop with harsh and corrosive chemicals. At worst, there will be discoloration but the tool’s performance remains uncompromised and can still ensure quality output; unlike other torque wrenches that seem to have more comfortable grip control because of the soft rubber material for the handle. These wrenches, while soft on the hands are more vulnerable and prone to easy damage once they are exposed to chemicals – they have the tendency to swell up, be deformed and get damaged. So for a heavy duty tool, this may not be advisable and something that cannot be used everyday. The Kobalt torque wrench on the other hand, is something that can be used everyday because of its sturdy composition. Just as it looks, this wrench is tough, strong and can withstand the toughest of situations and can handle the most sensitive operations under the hood of a car.Warranty: At the very least, there is a limited 1 year warranty but depending on the tool, the warranty period can still be extended. There are some Kobalt tools that have lifetime warranty, and this is how confident they are with the performance of their tools. No questions asked, as long as the tool is not mishandled, you can have it replaced for free. It is very rare, however, that you encounter problems with the torque wrench. Most mechanics have had theirs for years and use it everyday but never once did they have any issues with its performance.

kobalt digital torque angle wrench review

Torque wrenches are very important for mechanics. It’s a tool that is used quite often especially on the most important parts of a vehicle. Car pieces such as manifolds, time belts, water pumps and head gaskets that need to be handled with complete precision and absolute care should be taken care of by a tool brand that guarantees this. Most mechanics trust Kobalt because it gives them the security to properly work on the more sensitive car repair and maintenance operations such as belt jobs. There are much more things that torque wrenches can do and they’re not just the easy type. They are responsible for the repair of parts that are vital for the secure running of a car.

For home mechanics or weekend warriors, the Kobalt torque wrench is also equally important. For the price, you could justify buying it either as a repair tool in the house that can last you for years without any issues or a mechanic’s best friend that will play a vital role in his or her effectiveness in car maintenance and repair.

Maintenance: Since the Kobalt torque wrench is very well-made, it doesn’t take a lot to care and maintain the tool. Just make sure to keep in a case whenever it is not in use. Also, when cleaning, use only those suggested cleaning agents and not anything that is not part of the manual.

Kobalt 856839 Torque Wrench with Torque Angle

The Kobalt torque wrench feels like a very nice tool, and it is indeed an excellent tool. These tools are made for long lasting performance and long-term use. Whether you are a mechanic who will need to use the wrench everyday or a hobbyist working on your car every weekend, this is a tool you would want to own to increase your productivity. With its performance, you can’t go wrong with the Kobalt torque wrench.

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