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Top 5 Best Japanese Power Tool Brand

Japanese Power Tool Brand
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Which Japanese power tool brand or manufacturer do you initially lean towards? MAKITA, RYOBI, HITACHI, PANASONIC or MAKTEC? This article will introduce introduce their companies and brands one by one. Maybe you are a little wary of getting into an unfamiliar brand, but after that it becomes easy for you to know what manufacturer to go with depending on what type of task is to be executed, duration and what kind of output is needed.


MAKITA is the best japanese power tools

Makita on the other hand is also a manufacturer of power tools for professionals founded in 1915. As an electrical repair and motor sales company and over the years the company has had a rich history of producing and developing power tool products that are in line with the consumer interests and demands. It is a reputable Japanese brand of power tools with factories in over five countries.

Makita has delivered from Asia to Canada and even America and still present in about 40 countries. This tells us that Makita isn’t just known for the quality of service that it offers but also for its reputability and reliability all over.At the same time, Makita power tools pay great and careful attention to ergonomic outlook in terms of physical handling, comfort and a compact size.

MAKITA Power Tool

Makita with its Lithium-ion Xtreme technology has produced several light-weight and powerful power tools that have emerged market winners. Makita also provides lightweight, comprehensive and powerful professional tools that will ensure that the job gets done.

Its main products includes power tools, woodworking machinery, pneumatic tools, home and gardening machine: screwdriver machine, electric drills, electric chain saws, impact wrench, hammer, hair dryer, fluorescent lamp, lawn mower, trimming machine, polishing machine, carpentry jointing machine, vacuum pump, push lawn machine, planer. Makita have also shown innovation with newly introduced cordless brushless routers, cordless plunge saws, more compact and accurate miter saws with efficient dust extraction, and rotary hammers with reduced vibrations and better performance, and more. And their tools applicable to the concrete, woodworking and metal working industries etc.

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RYOBI Power Tool Brand

Ryobi was established in 1996 in Japan and its website, gives off the feel of a DIY tool provider for smaller home and garden projedts. Ideal for carpenters, builders and general handy men alike. The products are marketed to those with a project or in the industry for building and repairs.

Ryobi are a production company who design build and distribute their own tools like Impact drill, fluorescent lamp, electric saw, cutting machine, pump, blower, air pump, cooling machine, garage door remote control switch, polishing machine, screw bolt, etc.

RYOBI Power Tool

Ryobi have concentrated on its mobility with more compact designs with lighter weights and carry bags. As well as most of their products being cordless for ease of use and so on, their bags and kits are easy to store away and to pack into travel bags etc.

A look at Ryobi’s reception in terms of quality and reliability is a mixed bag between those who consider their products to be exclusively DIY and consumer-oriented and professionals who use their products regularly in more heavy-duty projects. In general, it is considered a top-notch value brand, suitable for homeowners and smaller scale DIY projects, but also frequently used by professionals.

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HITACHI Power Tool Brand

Green is the sign of HITACHI Power Tools. The technology of Hitachi and Makita have many similarities, the perfomances and features and lifespans are comparable to a high degree between brands within type classes, just like with highly competitive family car brands.

As a result of continuous R&D and human resource development, HITACHI have acquired core technology leadership in power tool technology. Who design build and distribute their own tools like Metalworking power tools, Woodworking tools, Cordless power tools, Construction tools, Pneumatic tools , Woodworking machines, Outdoor Power Equipment, Gardening tools, Household tools, Dust collectors, Measure laser tools etc.

Above all, Hitachi seeks to reinforce the competitiveness of its present business fields and probe into new, but related fields to ensure its position as a major player of the industry.

HITACHI Power Tool

Why choose the HITACHI Power Tool? some expeience with cordless driver/drills tell me that Renovatin’ an old house last year with various tradies calling in – unanimous for 18V Hitachi Li Ion trade quality, choose the tool best suited for the main tasks, for decking you need torque and long time between charging.

Battery is very important, the Li-Ion batteries charge shockingly quick – the charger even has a little cooling fan on it to keep them cool while charging.

I can only speak for hitachi, I have 2 x drill drivers & 1 x impact driver, they have been brilliant for me, I use them at leat 3 times a week & they have never let me down, charge very quickly.


PANASONIC Is Famous Japanese Power Tool Company

PANASONIC power tools are fabulous in Japan. They run smooth, have excellent power to weight ratio and have very good batteries, holding their charge for a very long time. Most of us know Matsushita/Panasonic technology to be good and reliable.


PANASONIC also have depth in their squad too with a wide range of heavy-duty cordless kits, grinders, corded SDS Hammer Drills, garden tools, screwdriver machine, chain saw, polishing machine, grinder, pump etc.

Panasonic drills are incredible. Likewise, their drivers lead the way in durability and features including 3 levels of impact and revolution control. Don’t hear much about their other tools.

Panasonic supplies many of the cordless battery like 12v,14.4v,18v and 20v etc.Panasonic cordless power tools generally set the standard for battery power and longevity. You can often go down a size and get comparable power in a lighter more compact size.


MAKTEC Power Tool Brand

Maktec and Makita are Essentially from the same company, Whats the difference? MAKTEC power tools are made under license by makita in china.The Makita power tools are all still made in Japan and the Maktec parts are made in china by a different plant. That justifies the price difference. But it’s very hard to spot the difference between the chinese and japanese manufactured goods. There is no doubt that some Chinese factories are producing good tools. There were not very many real differences. Good brands can only compete with lesser brands by rebadging their product.

MAKTEC Power Tool



Which Japanese power tool brand is the best? Thats a generalization. They efficency is much high with lighter loads and lower with higher loads. Can’t go far wrong with any of the brands MAKITA, HITACHI, RYOBI,MAKTEC or PANASONIC, it mainly comes down to personal preference and I think there’s more factors involved than just which country the tool was made.

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