Top 5 German Power Tool Brands

Who do you think is best all around for high tools? If you’re an experienced carpenter, you should have known German Power Tool Brands like Bosch, Metabo, SKIL, Stihl and FESTOOL. The following is a list of introduction of german popular power tool manufacturers.

Bosch Power Tool Brand

Bosch is a german engineering and electrical company with a range of power tools for the construction industry. Founded in 1886 under a different name, the current Bosch name was adopted in 1937 and has since grown into one of the most popular names in the world. Bosch is a major supplier of technology and service solutions globally.

After regulating the immense hours that lead to this vast production, they produced headlights in 1913 for the automobile industry. The Bosch company grew in strength and was incorporated in 1917. It continued to contribute to the production of automobile components when it ventured into producing windscreen wipers for a brief period between 1926-1927. A venture into power tools saw them produce the first power drill in the same year they manufactured car radios in 1932. In 1926, Bosch started to produce windscreen wipers, and in 1927, injection pumps for diesel. Bosch bought the gas appliances production from Junkers & Co. in 1932. In the same year, the company developed its first cordless power drill and presented its first car radio. Its expansion saw it gaining investors support by becoming a limited liability company in 1939.

Bosch employs the use of its Silver Alloy technology to produce the various products and services of Bosch are designed to improve the quality of consumer life by providing beneficial and innovative solutions. The use of Silver Alloy technology to reduce the corrosion caused by heat and this increases the battery life and provide you with long life service.

Some of the power tools and brands designed and manufactured by Bosch are categorized into saw blades router bits/ CNC bits, cutter heads, knives and inserts and boring or drilling bits. Bosch offers the best cutting and abrasive tools. As a quality measure, Bosch specifically develops all the products to suit superior performance and deliver on maximum time service.

The oxygen sensor, the fuel injector, a car radio with digital capability are among the production contributions that encompassed the 21st century. A screwdriver that has a lithium-ion battery in its composition was created in 2003.

Bosch has been a leading force in providing the market with power tools. They are determined to keep their reputation of producing the latest cutting-edge tools that are reflected by the constant upgrades of their equipment. The brand’s core mission is to focus on innovation and mass production, they don’t worry too much about competing with other companies as they have found their niche.
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Metabo Power Tool Brand

Metabo has a family company tradition, was founded in Germany in 1924, the company has dedicated itself to focus on various power tools. Metabo caters to the professional, but their products also fit into the average consumer range at a moderate price.

Metabo produce full range of products including rotary hammer, impact drill, jigsaw, demolition hammer, grinder, planer and sander and so on.

SKIL Power Tool Brand

Starting in 1921 in New Orleans, from an invention of the extension of adding a mechanical rotation to the blades of a machete- that would later be turned into the worlds first electrical hand saw- by Edmond Mitchell and Joseph W. Sullivan. Grinding machines were converted into electrically powered tools for the industry. SKILSAW’ incorporation saw the company name get to Skil Corporation in 1952. It has innovated a lot of tools by turning them into electric powered units throughout half of its decade as a power tool company

In 1924, it is the first portable circular saw, pioneering the use of a worm drive and a die-cast aluminum motor housing. Today you can find it on virtually every construction site in America.

Beyond the specific set of features you’re looking for, one of the most important considerations in buying a saw is how it feels in your hands. SKIL is one of the most comfortable and well balanced saws. There are no detents to interfere with the smooth operation of the bevel adjustment.

Therefore,if you want to purchase a saw for working, high recommended the Skil power tool.

Innovation at an affordable rate is the core mission of this power tool company. They are now set on providing products that support smart technology, making for easier operation by anyone.

Stihl Power Tool Brand

Stihl Founded in 1926, it is a German-born company that still holds its main headquarters in Germany today.

It has grown from a chainsaw manufacturer that was not well-known to the world’s best-selling chainsaw brand. The Stihl is more nimble, thinner kerf and really flies through the little stuff with speed and finesse, just overall much better design.

The Stihl company is a power tools company that specializes in industrial chainsaws, land cultivators, saws and Augers that are just a few in their vast catalog of products supplied .

The History Of Stihl

A German company with the headquarters located in Waiiblingen in Germany founded in 1926. One of the worlds top performers in producing and innovating the chainsaw power tool. Self-reliant in producing its own in-house chainsaws and guide bars. It is a family company that is recently owned by members of a generation that descends from the founder, Andreas Stihl. It also offers handheld power tools like the trimmer.

A chainsaw that was manufactured by the founder revolutionized the design of the saw. Electrical components were added to power up the chainsaw, enhancing the efficiency of the steel blades. This became the highest standard of the power tool and gained prestige in the industrial market that laid the foundation of its high=end manufacturing. This development coincided with the Great Depression, enabling it to overtake the workforce that was proving ineffective due to the condition and the extra labor men that were involved in traditional sawing. Wehrmacht used their saws throughout Europe.

The enhancement of the chainsaws materials and the accessibility were dominant after the end of the war. They still operate in the first building that was damaged by the effects of the war to supply their home country.

A demand for the landscaping and construction in Brazil and the United States prompted the company to expand its reach and build plants in both of the countries. Combining another component to a chainsaw created the earth auger in 1954. The chainsaw becomes portable in 1959. The 1970s are dominated by their creation of components that support the technology of electric chainsaws- thus impacting the tree industry. Incorporating their brand to many countries plagues the 1980s globally.

FESTOOL Power Tool Brand

Festool was found in 1925, Over 300 patents and more than 80 awards for products and business prove that these principals are worth focusing on.

A German-based company founded by Albert Freezer and Gottlieb Stool in 1925. Currently owned by Festool Group along with the corporation Co .KG. This is a subsidiary of the TTS holding company. Dust extraction is the main focus of the company when it comes to the systematic production of their tools. The power tool company was once under the name Fezer & Stoll. Its portable chainsaw was the first of it’s kind in the world in 1927. The company has been consistent in producing power tools since they developed the first mobile saw in 1930. They have added more features to the capabilities of the saw and the sander throughout the years.

Between the 1930s and 1940s, they spent their efforts on improving the design of the disc sander. Also adding mobility to the tool to help the workmen access it anywhere without having to worry about moving it around. Paying attention to the saw again in the late 1940s, they enhanced the cutting depth, pointer level precision, and shaving ejector without compromising the motor. Addition of circular saws that offered more positioning optimizations was developed by this power tool company from the 1950s through to the mid-60s. The introduction of portable sanders that didn’t produce dust was offered to the industrial market in the early 1970s. The 1980s were a revolutionary period that saw the circular saw combine with the first guide rail in their production line. A wide supply of new tools was produced from then and carried into the 21 century, from the cordless drill, the pendulum jigsaws, mobile dust extractors and many more. Their latest tool is the oscillating tool that is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures the greatest cutting quality in the niche.

The company makes precision woodworking tools, so although the saw is much more complicated than the competitors, it’s ease of use and intuitive controls and adjustments makes it shine in this category. Festool makes some very nice tools but in most applications it is inferior to its competitor Bosch.

All above German power tool brands do the job some better and each of these brands are very similar. Then others and each user has his or her own likes or dislikes with all brands. It would be a very difficult job having one that is easy to use, light, and delivers the best work can make the best of a tough job.It seems in many cases the choice in brands comes down to the function and your feel. Above hope can help you find the right option, and the right brand.

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