Ridgid vs Ryobi :Drill and Impact Driver and Multi Tool and Battery Comparison

Rigid vs ryobi

Ryobi and Ridgid are probably the most famous do it yourself (DIY) tools found on the market. Both brands are effectively designed for DIY and entry-level purpose. However, there are many distinct differences between the two brands particularly on their functionality and design. This article addresses Ridgid vs Ryobi tools and consequently allows the readers to make a well-informed decision on which tool to buy for specific purposes.

Rigid vs Ryobi 2018

Quality and reliability comparison

Historically, Ridgid is a renowned fine tools manufacturer, even if currently they tend to move to the budget side of things by competing with the likes of Ryobi. Ridgid is a respected brand across the globe for its reliability that provides efficient tools to get the job done, and more importantly, at the most affordable prices. Although it is not common to spot contractors or professionals at a job site with ridged tools, those doing part-time constructions involving DIY prefers Ridgid tools. With the increasing advertisement leaning towards the upper-spectrum of high performance, it is appropriate to analyze Ridgid vs. Ryobi tools to see if they are worthy of the high price tag attached to them.

Ironically, both Ridgid and Ryobi companies are managed by the same massive conglomerate-Techtronic industries. However, that does not mean that they are made on the same assembly line with the same material, nor designed by the same engineers. Although Ridgid is regarded as a quality brand, but to save on the expenditure, Ryobi is a favorite to many. Additionally, Ryobi provides a wider variety of tools to choose from as compared to Ridgid. The Ridgid is a bulky, less flexible and heavy drill and hence, not convenient to carry around. Ryobi, on the other hand, is light, sleek and extra-comfortable in hand. Weight and bulk play a significant role in how often you use your tools.

This is probably the primary reason why it is rare to find a Ridgid tool at a construction site that involves working for 8 hours a day. Most of the professional constructors prefer Ryobi tools as it gives the body reduced amount of stress and fatigue.
Warranty comparison

In regards to warranty, obtaining service or replacement of Ridgid tools is quite a long and tiresome process, even if they provide a lifetime warranty on their tools and batteries. Additionally, replacement parts of Ridgid tools are expensive or hard to find. Ryobi tools, on the other hand, are easy to service and warranty. Ridgid tools are ideal for the heavy duty jobs as they are fairly indestructible, which explains its lifetime warranty. The quality of construction and durability for the 18v of both Ryobi and Ridgid is quite apparent. Although Ridgid is durable, Ryobi tools are lighter and more efficient and are ideal for backups.

Ridgid Vs. Ryobi Batteries

When it comes to batteries and how they fit, Ridgid has the best deal. We call it a lifetime service agreement. All owners are allowed to get a new replacement of the battery, whenever they have issues with old ones. However, before you receive a new spare, you have to comply with certain rules and regulations. Importantly, these rules are never hard to follow. You only need to provide a copy of your original UPCs and receipt. However, you may not always receive the batteries on time, as you have to wait for warranting company to verify your documents. Note that ridged tool is licensed by Home Depot.Another essential factor to consider regarding the batteries is their sizes. Over the years, we have seen greater improvement in batteries and energy technology. The beauty is that most companies are coming up with smaller, but extremely powerful batteries. The current 18V technology used in both Ridgid and Ryobi tool is splendid. This was an ideal watershed moment for the tool builders since 18V cells can fuel a greater array of tools including screwdrivers and drills.

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Clients frequently ask if Ridgid and Ryobi Batteries can be used interchangeably. Well, the good news is that they all come from the same manufacturer and some of their parts including batteries can fit one another. Ridgid batteries can also fit in other brands including Milwaukee. Ridgid and Ryobi are the best brands for DIY activities, while Milwaukee is majorly used by professionals. Typically, the three brand is important depending on how you intend to use. However, if I am to choose one among the three, I will obviously go for ridgid, because of the lifetime batteries. I am a die-hard DIYer.

Apart from the battery replacement offered within the jurisdictions of the warranty, you can also purchase a cheap Ryobi replacement battery. Most people do this as they wait to have their old ones officially replaced. Ridgid Vs. Ryobi comparison in terms of battery life is that they all have the same lifespan. The only difference is that the Ridgid tool has a special warranty, which continuously covers the replacement of the battery.

Ryobi 18v VS Ridgid 12v Power Drills

The current power technology is greatly replacing corded tools, and more professionals are preferably going for it. The Ryobi 18V tools are more powerful than Ridgid 12-volt, although comparison should not only be based on power.

Ryobi HJP004L 12 Volt Drill Driver Kit
Ryobi HJP004L 12 Volt Drill Driver Kit

Choosing which drill to purchase also depends on the task at hand. For instance, a pro-carpenter or installer will find working with Ridgid 12v will work just fine, however, if you are working in a production doing heavy duty requiring more power, then Ryobi 18v works better. In regards to weight, Ryobi 18v and Ridgid 12v have more or less same weight as Ryobi tools are lighter.

Ridgid ZRR82005K 12V Drill Driver Kit
Ridgid ZRR82005K 12V Drill Driver Kit

The bottom line is that Ridgid 12v is commonly used as a supplement for the Ryobi 18v power drills if the situation allows to choose efficiency over power.

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Ridgid vs Ryobi Impact Wrench

There are several differences between Ridgid Gen4x and Ryobi P120 impact wrench. The variances are due to their structural appearances, as well as their functionality.

Ryobi 18 Volt Impact Wrench
Ryobi 18 Volt Impact Wrench

Ryobi P120 impact Wrench has a greater impact mechanism of about 200 ft. lbs. It is fitted with strong motor, with a rotation of up to 3000 RPM. In addition, bright LED lights are incorporated on Ryobi P120 to help supply enough light during tool operation.

Ridgid R86010B Gen4X 18V Cordless Impact Wrench
Ridgid R86010B Gen4X 18V Cordless Impact Wrench

While Ridgid Gen4x only weighs 2 pounds, Ryobi P120 weighs up to 4 pounds. Ridgid Gen4x is gray, whereas Ryobi P120 impact Wrench is green. They both source their power from 18-volts battery.

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Ryobi One+ Vs Ridgid Jobmax Multi Tool

Ridgid Jobmax multi tool is darling to jobmax users due to its outstanding 18v which works effectively with just a lightly-applied pressure. It has a tool-free quick connect interface that easily attach and detach right hand when applying pressure.

RIDGID R862004 JobMax 18 Volt Multi Tool
RIDGID R862004 JobMax 18 Volt Multi Tool

However, it only delivers up to 20,000 RPM through the variable speed trigger as compared to 3000 RPM of Ryobi one+. Also, Ryobi one+ is ideal for heavy duty operations such as automotive and mechanics building, due to its 18v capacity.

Ryobi RMT1801M One+ 18V Cordless Multi Tool
Ryobi RMT1801M One+ 18V Cordless Multi Tool

Ridgid jobmax on the other hand is commonly used in conducting household chores and handyman tasks.


In summary, contemplating on whether to purchase Ridgid or Ryobi tools, always remember that it is the job at hand that actually determines the relevant tool to buy. Based on the above Ryobi vs Ridgid tools analysis, which one do you think suits you better?

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  1. “…However, it only delivers up to 20,000 RPM through the variable speed trigger as compared to 3000 RPM of Ryobi one+….”. According to the RYOBI site: http://www.ryobi.com.au/products/details/18v-one-multi-tool, their multi tool specifications read: No Load Speed : 0 – 20000 r/min.

    Also, the RYOBI multi tool uses the RIDGID JobMax Multi tool heads. In my shop are JobMax 12V and 18V bodies, and use almost all their other heads; 99% of the time we use the 12V.

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